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  1. Laura Spencer (Emily Sweeney) was interviewed about her role on The Big Bang Theory.
  2. Well, it's that time again. This is the first post in the Season 9 ratings thread. Similar to last year, here are the plans for the ratings, while TBBT is on Monday: Monday will have the Live + 7. This is usually delayed by three weeks. I usually put it up around noon EST Tuesday will have the the Live + Same Day ratings. This includes the overnights, including households, demo, and viewers, along with the final daily ratings for TBBT. Households is usually out around 9:30-10 AM EST. The overnight demo and viewers is usually out around 11:30 AM EST. The final daily ratings are usually out around 4:30-5:30 PM EST. Wednesday will have the top ten programs for the previous week for demo and viewers. Also, around noon. Thursday will have the syndication ratings for two weeks previous. Again, around noon. Friday will usually be an off day, but I will occasionally write a post on some kind of ratings information. Once TBBT moves to Thursday, the top ten programs post moves to Tuesday, the syndication post moves to Wednesday, and the overnight and final ratings postsmove to Friday. Thursday becomes the day where an information post will go. While those times are the usual times I get the ratings, holidays, and various other things sometimes delay the information. If it will be delayed (or even not available), I usually try to let everyone know with a post. Over the next few days, I'll be putting up a post on what exactly those terms (Live + SD, Live + 7, demo, etc) mean, and how the ratings are gathered, so new members, who don't know those terms, will be able to follow along. And, of course, if anyone has a question, feel free to post it in this thread and I'll do my best to answer it. I'll also have a post on how TBBT did last year, compared to 2013-2014 and 2012-13, along with how it did compared to other shows last year. There will also be some information on how TBBT repeats did last year (hint, the repeat ratings were higher than the average of all the new shows). Tensor
  3. Season Nine Ratings Archive This will be the archive for the Season 9 ratings posts. There will be a post for each week in the season. There will be links to each week, so anyone who wants to, will be able to go to the collection for each week. Week One, Week of 21 September, 2015 Week Two, Week of 28 September, 2015 Week Three, Week of 05 October, 2015 Week Four, Week of 12 October, 2015 Week Five, Week of 19 October, 2015 Week Six, Week of 26 October, 2015 Week Seven, Week of 02 November, 2015 Week Eight, Week of 09 November, 2015 Week Nine, Week of 16 November, 2015 Week Ten, Week of 23 November, 2015 Week Eleven, Week of 30 November, 2015 Week Twelve, Week of 07 December, 2015 Week Thirteen, Week of 14 December, 2015 Week Fourteen, Week of 21 December, 2015 Week Fifteen, Week of 28 December, 2015 Week Sixteen, Week of 04 January, 2016 Week Seventeen, Week of 11 January, 2016 Week Eighteen, Week of 18 January, 2016 Week Nineteen, Week of 25 January, 2016 Week Twenty, Week of 01 February, 2016 Week Twenty-one, Week of 08 February, 2016 Week Twenty-two, Week of 15 February, 2016 Week Twenty-three, Week of 22 February, 2016 Week Twenty-Four, Week of 29 February, 2016 Week Twenty-Five, Week of 07 March, 2016 Week Twenty-Six, Week of 14 March, 2016 Week Twenty-Seven, Week of 21 March, 2016 Week twenty-eight, Week of 28 March, 2016 Week Twenty-nine, Week of 04 April, 2016 Week Thirty, Week of 11 April, 2016 Week Thirty-one, Week of 18 April, 2016 Week Thirty-Two, Week of 25 April, 2016 Week Thirty-Three, Week of 02 May, 2016 Week Thirty-Four, Week of 09 May, 2016 Week Thirty-Five, Week of 16 May, 2016 Week Thirty-Six, Week of 23 May, 2016
  4. Kunal Nayyer will appear as a guest on UK Comedy Chat Show "The Last Leg" on Friday, 10pm UK time on Channel 4. For those who haven't heard of it, The Last Leg is a LIVE comedy programme hosted by the Australian stand-up comic Adam Hills and featuring English comedians Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker as co-hosts. It's in it's eighth season currently. Generally, the presenters talk about a number of major news stories and make jokes about them for the first half hour, which sometimes involve pre-recorded skits or live sketches. I suppose the nearest thing the US have to it is Saturday Night Live, but it is different to that in the fact that there is a regular host. In the second half hour, the guest (in this case, Kunal) is brought on and they have an extended chat with Hills, whilst Widdecombe often ridicules them to comic effect (all light-hearted mockery though, unless it's a politician who is the guess!). Any ideas whether Kunal is in the UK to promote something? And I wonder how he will do in a live interview in front of a studio audience?
  5. 46th Annual International Comic-Con (2015) Badges Sold Out
  6. I posted in the Bill Prady, etc... thread but thought I would start a new one. Bill is campaigning on Twitter for a Tara Hernandez fundraiser. Tara's project is for: KIds Around the World Playground Project more info: http://www.kidsaroundtheworld.com/?page_id=388 Here is a link to her fundraising page and more information: https://org.grouprev.com/playgroundethiopia <--- Donate here If you tweet that you donated and tag Bill, he will retweet you (I got a RT and so did Kazzie) He also stated that if the project gets funded - he will do a TBBT Q&A Here is his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/billprady
  7. We want the Fan Fiction forum to be a place where people feel comfortable posting their work and are able to receive valuable feedback without being subject to derogatory comments. We also recognize that not everyone who writes Fan Fiction is a member here and we feel it's unfair that the author may not be aware of, and cannot defend their story against, derogatory comments. We have added four rules to better explain the framework that governs this forum. In many cases, these rules merely express what we were already considering when moderating this board. Reviews of fan fiction should offer constructive criticism. This does not preclude negative reviews, but it does mean people should express the reasons they dislike a story or believe it can be improved. Negative comments left without a reason or explanation could be misconstrued as being part of a wider agenda. The Forum and Chat rules have been updated, the new rules can be found in content section, Section 2, H.
  8. While we all like taking about our favorite actors and staff, we don't want this forum to be a place where unfounded or unverified rumors are spread. Due to some information we received this weekend, we have decided to add the following new rule to the content section of the rules: G. Posts containing links to, or comments about, unverified or unfounded rumors of either the actor's or production staff's lives, can be removed at the discretion of the Moderators or Admins. Information appearing in legitimate news sites (again, Mod or admin discretion but think ET, People, US, and network news) and/or the people themselves acknowledging any such rumors (such as Kaley posting her placard without the Sweeting) can be discussed. If you have any questions about the information, please contact the moderators or Admins with those questions before posting.
  9. This thread is being created to list those members (or others we know) who are going to a taping. This thread will be locked and only contain the names of those going to a taping. Any discussion of flights, hotels, how to get tickets, etc should occur in the "Information for attending a taping" thread (the title will be changed from "Want to go or going to a taping?). If you have tickets and will be attending, and want others to know about it, please send me or Tripper a PM giving us the dates you are planning to attend. You can also post in the Information thread. Posting in that thread, that you will be attending, will be taken as approval to add your name to the posting dates. We will make one post for each taping date, along with the names of those going. This way, those who are going can make plans to meet and attend together and they will have all the names for those attending in one place, instead of having to search through the forum. I will go through the other thread for names that are attending the first two tapings. This was rachelshamyfan's idea, so give her some credit in the other thread.
  10. CBS Sets Mega 3-Season Renewal for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ - Variety.com http://variety.com/2014/tv/news/cbs-sets-mega-3-season-renewal-for-the-big-bang-theory-1201129964/
  11. News just in from www.tvwise.com: 'The eighth season of the CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory will receive its UK premiere on E4 on Thursday October 23rd at 8:30pm, it has been announced.' Good news for UK viewers as premieres for previous seasons were usually in November time. E4 have also chosen a good timeslot for the show at 8.30pm on a Thursday- there isn't much competition around on other channels so TBBT can expect to get some decent ratings. The early premiere date means that UK viewers will be just seven episodes behind US viewers.
  12. Watching the pre-game (for the American football playoffs) and it was announced that CBS will again broadcast the First eight games of Thursday Night Football. This means no TBBT on Thursdays until late October, if at all. We'll have to see if they do the Monday to Thursday thing again, or just keep it on Monday.
  13. Has anyone read or are you planning to read Eric Kaplan's book Does Santa Exist? It came today (after I ordered it late last night) and I'm looking forward to reading it. By the way, the book jacket says he's finishing a doctorate in philosophy at UC Berkeley. No wonder he always sounds so philosophical and brainy!
  14. CBS has announced that the eighth season of The Big Bang Theory will premiere on Monday, the 22nd of September, with back to back episodes. The Big Bang Theory will move to Thursdays on 30 October ETA: JoeSal90 found this article on TVline.
  15. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/big-bang-theory-censored-by-chinese-government/ China is censoring the big bang theory.
  16. Hey there, I am a UK fan and new to this forum so hey there mah homies ... I just wanted to know how everyone would like each of the characters lives to plan out with in the next few seasons. It pains me to say this but Friends lasted for 10 years so we may not have long left. OWWWW MY ACHEY BREAKY HEART. This is what I think should happen: Shamy Season 7 A Sheldon initiated kiss A more romantic/intimate kiss (Lasts more than 1 second) Sheldon and Amy both say "I love you" Future The last 15 seconds of the very last episode of TBBT to be Shamy attempting coitus. With the closing line being Sheldon saying "fascinating" or "I didn't tell you to stop" I know a lot of people will not agree with me but I think that would be funny. It would also make fans go crazy as it would be like a cliffhanger (which Sheldon hates so much) we would never know what became of his carnal activities with Amy. Lenny Penny will eventually propose Maybe a wedding but no babies (yet) They are a really sex driven couple and it would be nice to see them be more romantic with each other. I hate how Leonard always refers to never having sex again when his relationship is on the rocks. Relationships are more than just sex. We need Leonard to get a haircut (Sorry Johnny boy) Howard and Bernadette (Do they have a combined name - Is that possible?) Babies, babies, babies. They will be the couple to have children! It will be interesting to see how Bernadette takes to her child as she hates children. I think Howard's mom should make an appearance or an episode where the families go on an outing together. Btw, what is Howard's mom's name? Do we know? Simon does an amazing Robin Williams impression. IMAGINE IF THEY GOT ROBIN WILLIAMS ON THE SHOW. That would make my life. Raj Oh poor lonely Raj He needs a girlfriend. I haven't seen much of Lucy yet and I know some people don't like her. Not everyone liked Amy or Bernie at the start either. He will start to be able to talk to all women not just Penny If they keep Lucy he could help her with her issues Stuart and Kripke We need more scenes of Stuart and Raj. Maybe, they could go speed dating or something. Kripke and Sheldon are too good together. I cried laughing at the toy rocket reference. Poor Sheldon just didn't understand that one. Oh yeah and we NEED episode where Sheldon and Leonard mothers meet. I wonder if Amy would question Leonard's mom on her kiss with Sheldon or if she will be jealous? Hmmm. I don't think I can say much more. I'm cream crackered after writing all that. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOULD HAPPEN? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  17. When are those train lovers going to visit Train Mountaion Railway in Oregon? ( Largest model railroad in the world with more than 25 MILES of track and a state of the art COMPUTER Control system!!)....
  18. The Big Bang Theory has submitted the following two episodes for Academy consideration for the Emmy's: The Egg Salad Equvialency The Closet Reconfiguration I know they will get another submission opportunity if nominated to add a third episode. I hope they add "The Love Spell Potential' because it was a good one with all the cast as well. Actors I don't think get to submit unless they are nominated. Once nominated they submit for actual voting.
  19. TBBT writer Eric Kaplan is Kickstarting a new comedy web series. Andy Bobrow from Community and Matt Selman from The Simpsons are a part of it as well. It’s a puppet talk show in the vein of Conan or The Tonight Show, starring a cat that desperately wants to be loved and his wisecracking owl sidekick. Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki appear in the promo video. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mydamnchannel/love-me-cat-puppet-talk-show-with-celebrities-and
  20. Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory delivered the show's largest audience yet for the second week running and hit a season high in the adults 18-49 demographic. "The 43 Peculiarity" was watched by a record-breaking 17.39 million people, up from last week's all-time high of 16.68 million. In the adults 18-49 demographic, The Big Bang Theory hit a season high with a hugely dominant 5.5/17 rating, up by four notches from last week's 5.1/15. The Big Bang Theory was the night's most-watched and highest-rated broadcast for the eighth consecutive week. http://the-big-bang-theory.com/story/1754/Episode-608-Ratings-Largest-audience-yet/
  21. Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a new interview with actor Kevin Sussman who plays Stuart on the show. In the interview Kevin talks about his favorite movies, working on the show, who the Stuart character is to him, as well as the BBT adult film parody that's out there. It's a very funny interview with him. you can check it out here: http://blog.tvstoreonline.com/2013/05/actorwriter-kevin-sussman-talks-about.html
  22. I of course have voted, i will attach a link but you may have to skip through the categories you dont know or have no interest in http://www.nationaltvawards.com/vote
  23. Did not see this posted elsewehere yet I think this is very cool!! Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio named the new species of bee after 'nerdy' character Sheldon Cooper's favorite word Big Bang Theory physicist Sheldon Cooper's favorite buzzword has a new claim to fame. The geeky TV character has had a species of bee named after his favorite catch phrase - Bazinga! On the TV show Cooper, who counts Stephen Hawking as his online friend, uses the word to signal that he's just pulled a practical joke on somebody else. Brazilian biologist Andre Nemesio said he named the species of Brazilian orchid bee Euglossa bazinga in honor of 'the clever, funny, nerd character Sheldon Cooper,' because the bee had tricked scientists for some time with its similarity to other species. Nemesio published his paper last month in Zootaxa, a journal for worldwide zoological taxonomists. He works at the Universidade Federal de Uberlândia in Brazil. Steven Molaro, one of the executive producers of The Big Bang Theory said on Wednesday that the CBS comedy is 'always extremely flattered when the science community embraces our show'. He said: 'Sheldon would be honored to know that Euglossa bazinga was inspired by him. In fact, after ''Mothra'' and griffins, bees are his third-favorite flying creatures.' The Big Bang Theory is a comedy about a group of brilliant but socially awkward scientists. It is one of the most popular comedies on U.S. television, attracting about 18 million viewers an episode Rest of the article to be found here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2256647/Big-Bang-Theory-character-type-bee-named-TV-catchphrase-Bazinga.html
  24. Checking out Entertainment Weekly this morning and "The Big Bang Theory" took home 3 awards last night at the 17th annual Satellite Awards which was presented by the International Press Academy.
  25. Through the Big Bang Facebook & Kaley's Twitter. Kaley has been hinting towards a special suprise via her Twitter...and here it is Special Surprise Message from Kaley Cuoco: Hello to our awesome Big Bang fans! Finally the moment has come... All my dreams have come true... Yes, my dream to have a live, full out, dance routine for the world to see, has finally happened... I present to you... The Big Bang Theory Flash mob!(This literally was the best night of my entire life) Enjoy!! Love Kaley! Ps. A special thanks to the cast and bad-ass crew, for going all in, and making it a night to remember! Pss. My sister Bri choreographed the entire routine! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dql26ssMcVI
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