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Found 3 results

  1. After lots of discussion in the Shamy thread, Lionne suggested there should be a poll on the above question.
  2. Hello Fellow fans of BBT. I am Glenbricker and my friend here is Alatariel. I am an Engineer/Programmer and She is a Geoligist and we are both fans of the show and Lego. We have starte a Lego Cuusoo campaign to get a recreation of the Cast and the Apartment in Lego: The way Lego Cuusoo works is that people vote for projects they like (for instance here for BBT). When 10,000 people have voted for your project, It gets put into review. WE would really appreciate your help getting this project to 10,000 support! On an additonal note, the current record for a project to go from 0 to 10,000 support is 48 hours. This was Minecraft. I know there are enough fans of BBT out there that we can set a new record. Please show your support for the show and the fan community with your VOTE! Also, We want your feedback on which Sheldon T-shirt gets used. We have Flash, Green Lanter, Test Pattern and 73. The poll can be found here. Finally, we have lot of idea of fan service for the set: The roommate agreement the apartment flag the friendship algorithm the rubic's cube tissue box.... But we want to hear what you want to see in the set. So, lets really make this a fan project! Thanks in advance!
  3. Just wanted to see the trend on this forum. If you are ok with this , feel free to vote
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