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Found 4 results

  1. Just an extravagant coffee table? I wish I had one... just to show off :lol: I fear I can't afford one. Too pricey! What anyone think? Any comments for debate are taken very seriously in this thread just say anything you fancy,
  2. Lately, after than more 100 TBBT episodes, I’ve been thinking very seriously at what TBBT writers wanted to tell us with their concept of coupling the females and males of the so much loved TV show series. What I’ve got here is a brief of 3 examples of stereotyped couples of different gender as I see it for the purpose of doing a poll out of curiosity. (April 22, 2013) !. Bernadette and Howard. Ipso facto marriage, after a relatively trial period of amorous and sexual experience. (Need to be said they were experiencing sex before marriage) 2. Penny and Leonard. No ipso facto marriage as yet. They both have tried at experiencing a carefree good sexual life. They are growing very fond of each other. Perhaps they will end up married one day, but as a couple at the moment, they only enjoy sex and belonging to each other. (Need to be said they were experiencing sex with a number of partners before being together). 3. Amy and Sheldon. No ipso facto marriage as yet. They’ve been experiencing a very slow growing platonic attraction towards one another. They also have had a slow consequential approach in kissing (only once) touching (spanking) holding hands and cuddling. They seem to be following the traditional way of no wanting sex outside marriage or wedlock. (Need to be said they both are still virgin) As said above this is just a sample framework formulated to exemplify a vote of your preference as member. Which couple do you feel is nearest to your liking no for the show end but as your own lifestyle. Being a member here I wish to say that my preference is in between Bernadette/Howard experience and Penny/Leonard experience as nowadays there are many couples who opt to live together without being in the wedlock. What about you?
  3. I am not saying who I think has the most sexy male voice (as I do not want influence anyone with my opinion...) I've listened to TBBT show very carefully and I now who has it What about you?
  4. While in the park I was thinking to myself < if a collapse when joggingI I wish for one of the actors from TBBT to rescue me > Hoping that one of them is just nearby of course. I'd be worried if Sheldon was the only one around if I was in an emergency situation! He makes too much fuss about anything. Leonard has more sense and won't get in his way to help me. Whereas Howard would probably come onto me because I'm female, and Raj wouldn't talk to me. As for Penny and Amy, well perhaps a male would be better to help me? Because if I was to collapse for example and for some reason had to be rushed to A&E...
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