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Found 2 results

  1. Hello~! This is my very first fanfic and I really hope you guys like it. I wanted to make a his and her story (Sheldon's side will be posted next week). I'll be updating the 2 fics alternatively. Reviews and feedback are much appreciated. SHELDON LEE COOPER (HIS STORY) AMY FARRAH FOWLER (HER STORY) PROLOGUE PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1: THE FOWLER DISTURBANCE CHAPTER 1: THE COOPER ENCOUNTER CHAPTER 2: THE MOMMY INTERACTION CHAPTER 2: THE MATERNAL FACTOR
  2. Hi guys~! In The Big Bang Theory Fandom, I go by the name Queenfisher~! I've actually joined last month but it was only now that I found out there was an introduction thread. I'm 20 years old (soon to be 21 on October 25), female and from the Philippines. I discovered this forum while I was searching through Shamy stuff and found this forum's spoilers thread. Though I love all the canon pairings, I'm a true blue Shamy Shipper. Reading the fanfics, the spoilers, watching the music videos, looking at the fan art and all that jazz! I've even made my own fan art and fanfic which you can check out in my sig. I'm absolutely enjoying my time here~!
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