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Found 2 results

  1. Who was happy and excited to see T.B.B.TH back on UK screens on Thursday? I was. I waited till 8:00 to watch it in my living room (as my bedroom TV has no free view) My uncle,Aunt and nephews are staying with us, As i was all slug in my onsie and hot chocolate ready to make, I opened the front door to find them sleeping. and in the sleep state where there not allowed to be disturbed. felt real gutted! so I had to wait until the next day to watch it on catch-up. I can honestly say it was a great episode, had me laughing throughout. What did you guys think of it? did you like the comeback? do you wish it should've been sooner that April?
  2. Hi there, my names Becca Gardner, but my user name's Becca Cooper-Hofstadter, i'm new to the forum, and im just so excited that i've joined this fansite. im a huge big bang theory fan, and im the biggest out of my whole family. my stepbrother watches it, and i know more about it than he does and ive been watching the show on E4 (uk tv channel) for 2 years. i scored 80% on the uk website channel 4 big bang theory fan quiz and 8615 points on my big bang theory app on sudden death, beating a user called "stuart" by a whole 4 questions. i dont own much merch, but i have one poster, which im not allowed to put on my wall, due to our landlords rules. no matter how hard i try, he allways says no. im useless at introductions, so if you want to know anyhting about me, reply with a question and i will respond. thanks. Becca Cooper-Hofstadter
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