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  1. I know fans always speculate about what they think should happen; and I've read posts about a wedding involving a certain genius and a certain bespectacled neuroscientist, with hair the color of mud...But even after the Shamy engaged in coitus, a wedding doesn't seem plausible. It is, of course, one of my biggest television dreams; but I think a more suitable ending would be if Howard got his Ph.D., and became one proud father-to-be, Bernadette had a healthy baby, Raj did the honorable thing and made a choice between Emily and Claire, and Penny got to see her brother. It would be interesting if Amy carried Sheldon's baby, for real this time. He could freak out and leave again, making her very anxious about raising the little one alone. He would return, of course, because he loves her (and we him). He could agree to help raise the kid, but still be too afraid of change to propose... What are your thoughts?
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