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Found 18 results

  1. This thread will act as a chat on Taping nights. Normally, this thread will stay locked. On taping nights, between 9-10 Eastern (currently 0100-0200 UTC) we will unlock the thread for use, and after we get any information about the taping, or around 2 AM Eastern time (currently 0600 UTC), we will lock the thread. We suggest that users treat a post, in this particular thread, as one line in a chat format. Of course you can quote, to answer a specific post. The following will be implemented if a member violates the rules: If after several verbal warnings in thread, a member does not end their behavior, that poster can be issued a Zero point Friendly Warning. When that happens, the post leading to the warning will be hidden, and their future posts for the night, will be put on Moderator Queue. This means all of their posts (even in other threads) have to be approved by a moderator, before becoming visible. Normally, those members put on mod queue for chat violations, will be taken off Moderator Queue, when Chat is locked for the night. However, for particularly egregious offenses, the Moderator Queue could be extended until Tripper and I have a chance to discuss it, usually the next day. We had some success with this thread replacing the the former chat room, so we are continuing this thread for season 12. If you have a suggestion for this place, please drop me a PM and we'll look it over.
  2. I plan to be there from midnight UK time. I think that's around 7pm East Coast time You are all invited!
  3. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it!
  4. Okay in Clean Room, Penny mentioned to Dr. Koothrapali that Raj is dating someone who works a lot too like him mom. What I don't understand is why she seems to work so much. She is a dermatologist. I would think she doesn't have too many emergencies in that field. And she was working late on Christmas Eve? That seems unrealistic. Also on a Saturday night in Focus Attenuation. I understand that Laura Spencer is taping two shows at once but I think the writers could have maybe made her a surgeon or something. It would explain why she may have to work the longer hours. I don't know it's just been bugging me.
  5. Hey, I don't know if anyone has started a topic like this before. But I guess I just think there's room for lots of Shamy song suggestions on this forum!
  6. Enjoy my clip about Sheldon invention ! (i worked a lot on this...) http://youtu.be/EJjutDQhKwo http://youtu.be/EJjutDQhKwo plz critrics ?
  7. This a bit of an experiment to try keep the S7 board clean and give people a place to chat without interrupting the flow of some of the more focused threads. This thread is a place to chat more generally. It's for conversation that might be taking place in the Season 7 board when it doesn't necessarily belong in those threads. It doesn't always have to be TBBT-related, so conversations which move in other directions can be continued here, and it's for those chats where a full thread in the Chit Chat board isn't appropriate.
  8. Many times I'll see something or hear something that never would have caught my attention before watching watching this show. Here is an example: I work as an Archivist and while doing a project today I stopped on this image from 1969 and laughed. I never would have given it a 2nd glance before. The image caption (in case you are curious) A monopole antenna developed by Motorola was installed on Apollo astronauts' backpacks. Every phase of NASA's 1960s-era Apollo lunar orbit and landing missions used Motorola equipment. This happens all the time - does anyone else have any stories?
  9. Been chucking this idea around with a few folk recently.. And decided to make it official! The Season 7 finale is due to air on May 15th (someone please correct if wrong). I thought it would be cool for some of us to be able to share the experience together, And then get drunk.. I think it would be pretty cool to set this in New York.. As its an easy travel hub and a pretty banging awesome city in itself. The plan would be to all stay in the same hotel (nothing to fancy or even in the city.. as long as its in budget and has a TV.. ), All watch the finale and then hit the town!. So far.. Myself, Maria, Dena and Delsino are going.. IF the season finale is on the 15th, I plan to be in NY May 15th-18th. so what are your thoughts and anyone else interested? Attendee's Kazzie Maria Dena Delsino (Maybe) Notchinc MJistheBOMB
  10. Wouldn't it make an awesome episode if Sheldon meets someone exactly like him, but Sheldon will experience what he does to the rest of the gang. So, Sheldon can basically get a taste of his own medicine.
  11. I mean he's a smart guy?? Why ubuntu? He could AT LEAST be using arch or maybe gentoo.Or linux from scratch right?
  12. The other night I watch a Star Trek Voyager and it occured to me. The Big Bank Theory has a gorgeous blond and I think a lot of you will agree the hotest woman on any Star Trek show was Seven of Nine. I wonder how the writers have not put those two together and had Penny dress up as Seven. The reaction from the male characters would be drop dead funny. It might even get Sheldon's motor running for Amy. What does everyone else think? OY
  13. Me and Ar Diem, have planned to do something during the hiatus called "Episode Club" (very creative). It has in it two episodes that we rewatch together each week and then we discuss them in the chat afterwards, we think it will make the hiatus seem shorter and it will be something fun to do anyway, we could even continue it after the hiatus if it gets popular. The discussion of the Episode watched will be in the "Chat". For all of you who don't know what the chat is, or how to use it you click on the "Chat" button which is next to the "Calendar" button which is under the picture of the gang on the site. If it has a red bubble over it, that means there are people inside. We have a 20 week hiatus and we now have Six Seasons that we can watch together, this club is intended for all members of the board. So we are going to choose around 6 episodes per season. I am going to create polls so we can rank the episodes and we can watch the best ones together. If any particular groups want a special episode club, we can also organize that, for example the Raj/Mrs. Wolowitz shippers may want a special club where they can watch all those episodes about that pairing or something, maybe people would like to watch episodes specifically about a certain topic, like video games or ones with guest stars. We can organize all kinds of different episode clubs to suit different tastes. However, this is just the general episode club, where everybody's opinion is put into consideration and everybody has a say in what episodes are discussed and chosen. We want to get as many people involved, so even if you haven't been in the chat before you can still get involved and don't be afraid of the chat! Thank you!! - Season 4 Episode Ranking SEASON 1 Friday 24th May, week one. Pilot The Luminous Fish Effect The Bat Jar Conjecture Friday 31st May, week two. The Middle Earth Paradigm The Pancake Batter Anomaly The Peanut Reaction Friday 7th June, week three. The Grasshopper Experiment The Cooper Hofstader Polarization The Tangerine Factor SEASON 2 Friday 14th June, week four. The Bad Fish Paradigm The Barbarian Stimulation The Cooper Nowitski Theorm
  14. The trouble with the other Big Bang Theory is that nobody knows who/what laid the "Cosmic Egg". The show inspired my theory about what would initiate a Big Bang Event. It's taken seven years to find all the mistakes - but any new idea means that while it may add to modern thought, it also means there are a whole lot more ways to muck up that "modern thought". I have gotten some approvals from other Scientists, and almost got it published in a Canadian Magazine called "Physics Essays" [http://www.physicsessays.com/] but there are a lot more narrow minded Scientists in the world like Sheldon for any really new idea - even if you produce a table of equation validations to more than 1000 decimal places. I even got Dr. Saeid Nourian, owner of the Smart Math Calculator (http://www.runiter.com/ - the company that sold me the software that let me confirm it that far) to look at it, and he found it mathematically unchallengeable. Admittedly, the academic version is a little boring, but there is also a funnier version at http://www.relativistic-perspective.com/ . It's also attached. Maybe I wil be even more boring and say that any proper Cosmological theory should have aspects of not just Big Bangs, but Cyclic Calamity's and Steady States too. Hopefully the Moderator will let a new Scientific theory into Season 7. I cannot imagine how much upset Sheldon would show if he came across a paper that could mathematically reason what would bring about a Big Bang, but not one nearly as Big as the one he's in love with. And as I opened with, there could also be Medium Bangs, Little Bangs and even Itty-Bitty Bangs. Hope the consulting scientists on The Big Bang Theory are more open minded than the establishment ones. An infinite reality is an idea that we should finally get used to. For the whole time the human race has been running, the "high thinkers" have always put up fences that were nothing more than as far as we could see at that time. And besides, what lies beyond the fences? Isn't it more likely that just like before, we can only see our Local Universe? Doesn't not setting limits, and presuming an infinity reality, a Ceaseless Cosmos somehow sound more "scientific"? The Relativistic Space-Time Perspective - non-Academic.pdf
  15. To what extent do you think the writers use (either written or visual) techniques of symbolism, metaphor, foreshadowing etc. in this show? I often question whether I see things that are not there. Am I giving the writers too much credit for?
  16. I will be hosting a fanfic chat for anyone who wants to join in. It will cover the hiatus period over this summer (between Seasons 6 and 7) so that we can try and make it through. Rules for the chat will be simple: 1. Be respectful 2. Be appropriate (be aware some of the audience may be minors still) 3. Be ready to share ideas, thoughts, constructive commentary 4. Have fun The plan is we will begin the chats at 12:00 PM (Noon) Pacific Time on Saturday afternoons and go until we are done talking or fade out. LOL! That way we can try to reach the folks from East Coast (2:00 PM Eastern) as well as overseas (7:00 PM UK). We will start this Saturday ( June 1, 2013). Suggested fanfics to read before Saturday: The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia The Double Girlfriend Dissent by Genki-escapist and the work in progress fanfic The Departure Transformation by I.Am.Molly Each week we will select three fics to start off the discussion, but we will not necessarily be restricted to only discuss the two selected. I hope to see all of you there!
  17. The chat is on this weekend (see under "show" the thread with the same title as this one for details). So to reiterate the times: 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern, 7 PM UK (everyone else try and translate for your time zone from those times) I hope to see all of you there. Bring your thinking caps, lively discussions related to the topics suggested and also don't forget about Phanta's Fanfic Challenge! Want to see people participate. Love the idea.
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