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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is a catch-all to talk about the art of reading and writing fan fiction in general. Topics will range and vary according to where the discussion goes, but I would like to emphasize that everyone remember everyone is free to have their own particular preferences in regards to fan fiction and that all statements are merely a matter of opinion and can be subjective. This thread is neither a place to advertise your own fan fiction nor to bash other authors or even the preferences of others. Merely a place to compare and contrast opinions. Some possible questions or topics to take up might be: 1) If you get writers block, what helps you overcome it? 2) Is it more or less difficult to write IC vs OOC or AU fics, and which characters do you have a harder time keeping IC than others. 3) Do you veer towards romantic storylines, smutty ones, funny ones, or just the oddball ones? Or a smattering of all of the above? 4) If you write or read AU or OOC fan fiction, why do you prefer it over that which is IC? 5) Same question in the reverse: Why do you prefer IC fan fic over those which are AU, OOC, or both? 6) Reviews: What is the art of the review? Why do you leave one, or refuse to leave one? 7) Is it ever legitimate to leave a critical review in the fan fiction world? In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a Shamy fan and writer who prefers an IC fan fiction that trends towards humor rather than romance and especially smut. I'd rather read fan fiction with non-canon ships being featured and explored as long as the characters stay more or less IC over anything that goes completely OOC or AU. That's simply my preference and my opinion, but I know everyone likes something different and I'm curious - why do you read or write fan fiction, and what do you hope to get out of it when you go to publish or read a piece of fan fiction? I eagerly look forward to discussion. Disagreement is expected and even encouraged, as long as people are respectful of different points of view. Please keep it classy.
  2. In case any of you are interested, I wrote a one-shot that served as an awakening to my muse and hopefully will be the foundation I needed to update Moving Pictures. I am sorry it's taking so long by the way. But here's a little non-AU Shamy for ya. In Case of Emergency, Please Contact Amy Farrah Fowler Amy gets another call from the Caltech nurse's office on behalf of her boyfriend, but this time, Sheldon's injury is real…and all Amy's fault. One-shot, rated T for language and adult themes. For Sheps, Tensor, Georgie & Ali. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10363100/1/
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