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Found 15 results

  1. Hi guys! So I just published a new fanfiction. Do people still read fanfiction anymore? I have no idea. Well if you do: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12189514/1/To-The-Moon It's gonna be a Shamy multi-chapter romance/drama fic with the other characters for supporting. It's actually a cross-over fic between BBT and one of my all-time favorite video games. I'm just so in love with the story and it fits so well in the BBT universe that I had to do a crossover. With major differences, of course, because I have to make the story fit with Shamy and make it my own! I hope you guys like it. If there is any confusion with the first chapter: don't worry. It will make sense soon enough. And I will also answer any questions. The game this is based off has an absolutely beautiful soundtrack. Take a listen here if you want to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snl67XsI6Is
  2. So this is my second attempt at self-advertising. Well well... I wrote a little New Year's Special. It's a three-parter. I'd love it if you read and reviewed. Also, Jan 1 2016 is my 27th birthday so... pretty please? =)
  3. Just wanted to put this out there because this story NEEDS to be discussed. What does everyone think? Is anyone dying from these delaying updates like I am? Are there people out there who eat each chapter like its candy? OMG, this woman can write. Here is what I like about the story: 1. Covers issues on the show that I would love to see come to light like: A. Sheldon's lie to Kripke B. Sheldon's acerbic behavior to Amy in Season 6 C. How much Sheldon takes Amy for granted 2. Explores previously unexplored (or little explored) areas of fanfiction: A. We get a clear idea of the kind of family Amy comes from including meeting her parents, her sisters, and her niece and nephew B. Amy's father isn't dead C. Besides work and Sheldon, what else does Amy have in her life? 3. Ratchets up the drama and angst of Shamy for (hopefully) an awesomely fantastic pay-off love story 4. The superb writing of this truly gifted author seems to envelop the reader from the first word. She is talented at eliciting a plethora of emotions in and building on themes from chapter to chapter. Something almost innocent and unimportant in one chapter ends up being very important later. This is the mark of a great writer. I am not sure if she is published in the real world and just playing in this one, but I am thankful for her every day. (Even though I know that makes me sound like some kind of stalker person.) There are plenty of great Shamy writers out there (xMarisolx, Lionne6, Sheps888, Jesterkoops, RickyTheMonkey, bazingafan, and NerdForestGirl to name a few). But I am always going to have a special place in my heart for Misophonia, one of the reigning monarchs of Shamy fanfiction. Here is what I don't like: 1. The delays in updates. Usually, Misophonia is good at maintaining her pace with this, but she hasn't been so much with this one. (I have heard there is a lot going on in her personal life. So, it's probably not her fault.) I am not really complaining or anything. But a quicker updating schedule would make me so happy. Then again, I guess I would only be happiest if she would just write the whole thing and publish it all at one time. 2. We have stayed in the angst for so much longer than ever before with a Misophonia story. She warned us, but, my God, it has seemed to be forever since Sheldon and Amy exchanged a civil word. I guess this could just as easily be blamed on the long waits between new chapters (and she certainly warned us this would happen), but I just want some happiness, love, and passion. Bring the love, Miso! Of course, anyone who read the latest chapter knows she did just that. Hopefully, it will last. 3. There aren't any sub-plots in this one. In her masterpiece, the Family Reunion Probability Theorem, there were a few sub-plots running parallel to the main plot. I like the complexity of that kind of writing. I think it would help this latest story in that the reader wouldn't feel the angst between the two main characters as hotly as we do. Then again, this could be because of the updating schedule. I really won't know until Misophonia is done and I can go back through and read it all at one time. 4. There's not as much humor in this story as there has been in previous ones. This really isn't a criticism, but more of something I am just pointing out. I would like more humor. Maybe it's coming. I don't know. But one of the things that is great about this author is her ability to weave humor into even the more dire of circumstances. Here are some questions I have that I hope to have answered before too long: 1. Now that Sheldon has told Amy he loves her, will she believe him? 2. When is the sexy time coming? 3. How can one reconcile Amy and Sheldon without serious therapy? 4. Will the reconciled couple fall back into their old issues or will they be better than before? 5. Is Sheldon ever going to meet Amy's family and how is that going to work? (Please let it happen soon.) 6. Is Sheldon ever going to admit the truth to Kripke? Will Amy make him? Well, that's what I think. How about everyone else? Do you have a favorite Miso story? What is it? Here are my favorites in order of importance: 1. The Family Reunion Probability Theorem 2. The Osculating Supposition 3. The Love Spell Continuation 4. The Mendacity Revelation 5. The Hickey Endeavor Sound off, fellow fanfiction fans!
  4. Hi guys, I don't usually self-advertise but I wrote this little one-shot this morning and I thought I might share it. It's called One Fifteen. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11521066/1/One-Fifteen For those of you going unspoiled I'm giving you a heads up before: while the seasons premiere has already aired I know many of you guys haven't seen it and you might want to stay away from this fic. Otherwise you should be good, it doesn't really contain any valid information. It's slightly different from my other work, maybe someone will pick up on why. Haha once you do: I knoooow, I know. What can I say: sometimes I just do things for the hell of it. I hope you enjoy =)
  5. Ok, I've finally released my first FF. I hope the Shamy's out their enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11498468/1/The-Relationship-Coalescence-Conundrum
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask if anyone had any tips for making a Fanfiction Summary. What should you write (or not write) so that you can gain viewers, etc. I can never figure out what to write without making it too "spoiler-y."
  7. You know that fic you've read a bunch of times but like a long time ago? And you can remember parts from it but not specifically enough to google it? Hopefully someone can help you out in this thread. *** I was hoping you guys could help me find two fics that I'm dying to read again. The first one is a one shot (I'm pretty sure) where Meemaw dies and Amy finds this necklace that belonged to her and gives it to Sheldon. He is in awe and he kisses her. The second is a multichapter (I'm pretty sure) where Sheldon and the guys are making costumes for Comic con and he hurts his right hand and can't shave so he decides to go as Wolverine. Then the beard gets unbearable and he asks Amy to shave him since she's the most qualified cause she cuts brains on a daily basis and has the steadiest hands. They're both cute as heck
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been a fan of Big Bang Theory for years but I never thought about finding a fansite. The most I did was write my fanfiction and post it on FFDN. Unfortunately, FFDN has been overrun with Shenny stories and no one really wants to read about the true couple, Leonard and Penny. I want to get my story out there and get feedback, but it's hard when the only place I can post my story is in a crowd of Shenny-Shippers who mostly portray Leonard as crude and undesirable, which, if those stories are read enough, completely turn the reader off to any idea of Leonard/Penny. I hoped I could advertise my story here to get more unbiased reviews and feedback. The link is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7589733/1/Pulchritudinous-Wreckage The story starts out dark with Penny being sexually assaulted (nothing too graphic, just what she gives in the police report), and Leonard takes it upon himself to help her get better. Things get fluffy, things get sad, I have a few funny discussions thrown in (which I've been told in my FFDN reviews are spot-on with the characters). It's in the works, only 12 chapters, but I have been regularly updating two to three times a week. I would really appreciate people with an open mind giving it a try. It's not super long chapters, but it doesn't need to be because it's fanfiction. If I wanted to write a novel, it would be different. In any case, my updates are never less than 2,000 words. So please, give it a try.
  9. Much like there are Shamy moments that I like to re-watch again and again, there are Shamy fanfic moments that I like to re-read again and again. My favorite Shamy fanfic moments in no particular order. All the credit goes to the amazing authors. All these stories are incredibly good, and you should take the time to read them all. These are moments that stuck with me and I will sometimes go back and re-read these random moments. Let me know if you have any favorite Shamy fanfic moments that you like to read again and again. 1) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 End of chapter 8, It is revealed that Amy is Sheldon’s biggest turn on Why I like to read it: I love that they play Jeopardy together (my favorite game show) and I love the tie breaker game. Sheldon knows so much about Amy and then the end is just so perfect. It’s one of the first fanfic things I ever read and it turned me into a Shamy fanfic fanatic. 2) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 Chapter 20, Sheldon and Amy are making out on his bed. Why I like to read it: It’s incredibly sweet to me and I love that they take their time making out instead of getting right into coitus. I also love when Amy talks about Sheldon and her whole speech that ends with “That’s the most amazing love story I could ever hope to be a part of”. 3) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 Chapter 22, Amy realizes the papers under his bed are hers. Why I like to read it: To me I can feel Amy’s pain as she opens up the safe and I get such an amazing aww moment when she realizes they are hers. It’s probably the one I re-read the most. It was a perfect way to end the story. 4) The Mendacity Revelation by Misophonia Chapter 16: You Can’t Handle the Truth, Sheldon tells Amy why he kissed her, Why I like to read it: I love the way the author describes the feelings Sheldon had to get him to kiss her. “I kissed you because I wanted to so badly I couldn’t see straight”. 5) The Paradigm Shift Observations by jesterkoops Chapter 10: The Paradigm Shift Culmination, Sheldon can’t help but kiss Amy 3 times. Why I like to read it: When Sheldon says “I’m really sorry, I just… I can’t…” , my heart drops and then he says “I can’t leave it at two…”, I get all giddy inside. Amy will definitely put his love of repetition to good use someday. 6) The Parentage Realisation by shamy4ever End of Chapter 5 into Chapter 6, Sheldon realizes he is a father to four year old twins. Why I like to read it: I’m a sucker for a Shamy fanfic with kids in it. Personally I don’t think they will have kids on the show, but I like the idea and turn to fanfics to read about it. The emotion in these chapters and Sheldon realizing he is a father to twins is incredibly moving. 7) The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia Chapter 38, Sheldon tries to find the perfect way to tell Amy “I love you” and it couldn’t be more perfect. Why I like to read it: I’m pretty sure I want Sheldon to say “I love you” more than I want Sheldon to kiss Amy. I love how much thought he put into saying it and even got some advice from Raj. I love this story and the “I love you” part is the best part of the story.
  10. Hello~! I'm currently trying to write my own Shamy fanfic and I wanted to ask a few questions: 1. How often should you update? 2. Is it better to post as soon as you complete a first chapter or post after you've done a few chapters so you can post weekly? 3. Where's the best place to post? Fanfiction, Live Journal or somewhere else? 4. Things I should totally add in a Shamy fanfic. 5. Things I should NEVER add in a Shamy fanfic. 6. Other tips? Replies are much appreciated
  11. I figured I would open a topic for my story here, for those of you who would want to leave feedback but aren't fond of fanfiction dot net review system. I could also answer questions here, if you have any, and constructive criticism is welcome as well. Here is a link to it, it has five chapters so far and I try to update fairly often (that's why the chapters are so short): The Absence Repercussions It's from Sheldon's point of view after his return to Pasadena, and will feature the whole gang, with Leonard, Penny and, later on, Amy having bigger roles. All canon pairings, even though it may not look that way in the beginning.
  12. Heey... First time attempting to write fanfiction (please be gentle!) Anyway, I thought I'd do a mock teleplay focusing on Sheldon's train romp after season 7 finale, and using some of the ideas I've gathered from conversations with friends about what could have caused Sheldon's ADORABLE quirks. I'm gonna paste it here for now, as I'm still trying to get my bearings with my new fanfiction.net account. As soon as I have it up I will delete the text and put up the link instead. But please, let me know if this is something you like or find intriguing, and I will hopefuly find time to continue to write this out :3 Also, please suggest tags for this before I upload it to fanfiction.net... I feel like a clueless noob there . Here we go! Chapter 1: The set is a daytime shot, inside of an Amtrack Coastliner. Sheldon enters the cabin and, after brief consideration, sits hugging his satchel instead of putting it in the overhead compartment. He shuffles a bit in his seat as people walk by looking for an empty seat. A teenage boy stops beside him. Kid: Is this seat taken? Sheldon: Yes. The kid sits in another seat. Everyone settles and he seems relieved to have been left alone. He takes out his phone, glances at the time and sets it down instead of putting it away. The train pulls out of the station. A woman about his age, but wearing clothes that seem too young for her age turns over the seat in front of him and leers. He tries to hide his discomfort and fails miserably. He doesn’t look at her directly but before long she speaks. Woman: Hello… Shelly. Sheldon looks up in utter shock and his jaw drops as realization dawns on him. Sheldon: What are YOU doing here? Woman: Is that any way to greet me after so long? What’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Sheldon: No offense but you’re really the last person in the world I want to see right now, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m practically on a mission to get away from every single person I know, even the ones I actually like. Woman: Your words, they cut. After delivering these words dryly, the woman continues to regard him guardedly, but with curiosity. Sheldon (standing up): Well this was… something, now excuse me… Woman: Sure, move, the only empty seats are next to a six-year-old, and another one next to dreadlocks with the strong patchouli scent. Or next to me, of course (she pats the seat next to her with a look of derision) Sheldon sits back down, sneering. Sheldon: This can’t be a coincidence, last I head of you was you were living in Arizona. Woman: That was almost twenty years ago Shelly, you haven’t exactly kept up with me. Not that I blame you or anything. Well… a little. She tries to smirk but snaps back to a poker face when she gets no reaction from Sheldon. Both characters are silent for a few seconds. Sheldon looks down contemplatively; the woman keeps looking at him like she’s trying to read him. Woman: Anyway yeah, it’s not a coincidence I’m here. And you know there’s only one person who could have sent me. Sheldon: I never thought people could get so desperate so quickly. Woman: You bailed almost two months ago. Sheldon: I did NOT bail; I needed some time for contemplation. Not that I owe YOU any explanations. Woman: Ouch, stop, you wound me deeply. Sheldon: Let’s not drag this out any more than we have to; just give me your message, or your warning, or words of safe passage through the underworld or whatever it is they sent you to give me. Woman: Are you really in that much of a hurry to send me away? You’re not the least bit curious as to what’s become of me? Sheldon: Correct, I have far too much on my mind right now without adding ancient quarrels and long-forgotten devastation to the mix. Woman: So you have enough with the present quarrels and devastation that you’re making worse by running away… AGAIN? Sheldon (starting to lose his composure): I did NOT run away back then, I left the country to pursue my higher studies. And I owe you no explanation Gris, no more than you owe me. We are what we are, like we inadvertedly were back then. I have absolutely no interest in bringing up that part of my past again. So please, I beg of you, tell me what you have to tell me and then GO AWAY! Gris (after a few seconds of thought): You changed. I mean, I don’t blame you, maybe I’m also too close to myself to realize how little of that girl you once knew is left but… damn! They both look away from each other and meditate silently for a few seconds. Gris: Your mother sent me, to give you this. Gris throws an envelope at him. He opens it and looks at the content, a plane ticket. Sheldon: Why? Gris: Didn’t say… You’ll just have to find out. Now go ahead and make your phone call before whoever gets worried. Sheldon: How did you know I have to make a phone call? Gris (turning around to sit down): You’ve been white-knuckling your phone and obsessively checking the time while we’ve been talking. (Over her shoulder) Have a good life, Sheldon. Sheldon, after a few beats, composes himself enough to dial Amy’s number.
  13. Hello everyone, I've finally found my way to the forums, so I decided to throw my link up for my stories. I generally try and update pretty quickly. So far I have, seven Shamy fics -yay! More to come this summer, too. https://www.fanfiction.net/~janeway25
  14. Okay, so I finally caved and decided to write a Shamy fic. The reason I was so apprehensive is because I normally write very emotional stuff, and writing the smart-sounding language in TBBT is quite a daunting task. But anyways. I'm giving it a go. Chapter 1: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10139291/1/What-We-Have Rated M for later chapters. I'm just kinda laying the groundwork right now. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure where I'm going, but I have a few ideas. :D
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