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Found 21 results

  1. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg.
  2. A thread for discussion about the character of Howard Wolowitz.
  3. This thread is for discussions about Howardette and Rajily. I felt it was needed. Is Remily or Rajily most used by fans? LOL. I would always just use the first one out of habit but I like the second one better so that's the one I put in the title of this thread. Anyway... My random thoughts at the moment: *I think we're definitely going to see Stuarts old room turned into a nursery. I'm usually among the majority that doesn't want to see a baby on the show but I think about it now and it would be so adorable to see a pregnant Bernadette. It's not like the baby has to be seen all the time after it's born. Besides, I posted in the Shamy thread that I guessed the baby would come mid to end of season 10 anyway. Lots of fun story lines can be written before and/or after the baby arrives with all the characters involved. *Raj and Emily. I hope this whole thing gets addressed soon. I love the uniqueness of "scary" Emily but I feel I barely know who she is! So much so that I actually got annoyed when I read the last taping report that she didn't want to forgive Sheldon after he apologized during his apology tour. I thought, "Really?? Who are you, anyway? You've been here for all of 1 and a half minutes and you're not allowed to not forgive him. (purposely exaggerated of course)" LOL! The thing with her and Penny hating each other was brushed under the rug as well as the even bigger issue of Raj considering breaking up with her at the end of last season. I hope we get more information on at least the second one because I'd like to know more about how Raj is feeling and why he felt that way when things seemed to be going well between them. Well....I guess it was kind of hinted that she scared him a little...well, maybe more than a little considering he didn't have the heart to break up with her. ....and I'll leave it at this for now. Who ever wants to join in at any time.... Just watched this on YouTube...yeah, I really dig Emily more than I thought actually. LOL.
  4. I can never decide this question in my mind! Is Howard behavior more creepy or more corny in your opinion?
  5. I noticed something. Sheldon ends up attracting women without really trying and generally he doesn't want to do anything with them. When Howard and Raj and Leonard try to get women they are not always able to do so.
  6. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it!
  7. I'm a Shamy fan, but I really can't believe there's no Howard and Bernadette Thread at all! After episode 6, there should definitely be one!!! I mean you guys gotta admit, that song was the sweetest thing ever!!! Here's the lyrics: http://popwatch.ew.com/2013/10/25/big-bang-theory-howard-song-lyrics/
  8. I can imagine thousands of hilarious scenarios involving TBBT characters and volunteering gone awry. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, Bernadette, and/or Penny should be shown volunteering somewhere. At least 1 out of 7 people I know in real life volunteer 4 or more hours per month at a hospital, hospice, food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or somewhere. I'd expect to see at least 1 out of the 7 main characters in TBBT do some volunteering. [edit Oct28: The question/topic is flawed. Bernadette has mentioned volunteering, but we haven't actually seen it in an episode] [edit Oct28: Sursonica reminded us that Bernadette has mentioned volunteering (Season 5, Episode 11, The Speckerman Recurrence). I had forgotten about that. In the middle of the episode Bernadette says, "Every other week I serve at a soup kitchen downtown". At the very end of the episode, Bernadette steals a pair of boots from a charity clothing bin and yells to Penny and Amy: "It's ok. I serve soup to poor people!"]
  9. Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by the amount of plastic they use on this show?? I know it's just a show and the whole getting takeaways is their thing but its A LOT of plastic. Plastic knives, forks, water bottles and plates in the cafeteria (where really in a college you'd get the real stuff) and they drink out of water bottles and not glasses at home and then there's obviously all the takeaway stuff going on? Would they not all be smarter than that as scientists and bring reusable water bottles places and use regular utensils and plates in college? Just wondering? Save the planet n'all no??
  10. Hello, I've been watching the Big Bang Theory for a really long time and I completely love the show. I especially like how the characters are really into comic books and even dress up in their favorite action heroes from time to time. However, one things has always puzzled me, why is it that they never talk about Steve Austin (i.e., the bionic man played by Lee Majors in the 1970s). I mean, here is another type of action hero (grant it, he's not a comic book hero), but a hero none the less. For a character like Howard on the show, I'm sure that he would idolize him just as much as Sheldon idolized Spock. In fact, it would be kind of interesting to have Sheldon and Howard debate over who would win if both Spock and Steve Austin were trapped on a deserted island (or planet). And who know, maybe there could be an episode in which Lee Majors would make a guess appearance on the show, just as other actors have in the past. Only in this case, instead of just being just Lee Majors (the actor), he could secretly be the bionic man by saving Sheldon from a falling shelf in one of the physics labs (using his bionic arm), or seem to appear in two places at once (because of his bionic speed). Everyone else on the set would just see him as Lee Majors, but it would be something that would just freak out Sheldon. I'm sure the writers of the show could come up with more bizarre and much more humorous situations for Lee Majors to be a part of on the show than what I have written here. I think that having the Bionic Man on the show for one or even two episode would be great. What do you think?
  11. Hi, I've thought of a, what I believe is, a good gag for the show today and I was wondering what you guys think? See below: Racing Sim Gag Rajesh and Howard attends a local comicon and meet a video game programmer/engineer named Matt who invites them both to his home to game. Matt’s home is filled with TVs and video game consoles of all sorts. In the center of the room, there’s an imposing car carriage with a racing seat and wheel surrounded with TVs attached to pistons and all sorts of cables. Howard asks Matt “What’s this mean looking thing?” Matt says “Oh that’s a Racing Sim prototype that I’m working on. You guys can try it out later; we first need to kill each other in Halo.” Scenes ends -Place holder for different gag scene- Next scene Matt, Rajesh and Howard are playing Halo when Matt suddenly gets a text message on his phone. He needs to go to the office to help with something. Before leaving, he tells Howard and Rajesh to make themselves at home and that he won’t be long. Howard and Rajesh look around the room. Rajesh says “Want to try the racing sim?” Howard says “I’ll go first!” Howard sits on the chair and proceeds to start the game. Rajesh says “Aren’t you going to put your seatbelt?” Howard says “You don’t need a seatbelt for a video game…” The game starts, motor sounds can be heard and the racing set starts to moves. Scenes ends -Place holder for different story scene- Next scene The racing chair is moving and motor sounds can be heard. Howard says “This is the best racing sim ever!” Rajesh, who’s next to Howard and looking at the screens, says “Careful you’re going too fast you’re going to hit that wall!” Scenes ends Next scene Scene starts with Howard arriving home with bandages (broken arm, eye patch, neck strap …etc). When Bernadette sees him, she says “Oh my god Howard what happened?” Howard says “I had a car accident” Bernadette says “Are you going to be alright?” Howard says “Yes … it’s my fault; I should have wore a seatbelt.” End of episode
  12. Over the last two years, I had noticed a change in popularity of the characters, particularly Sheldon. There was a time, when he could do no wrong but now there seems to be complaints. This newer Sheldon is not quite as popular. And since some people want proof if you voice an opinion now, I have attempted to get what little I can. There is a poll on the main site which asks casual visitors (you don't have to be a member) who their favourite character is. Lucky for me, the infamous Tripper archived the old poll, when he updated the site. Which presents an opportunity to compare old and new statistics. Of course, the new poll doesn't have as many votes at 28,698 to 90,031, but the percentages are what counts. The old poll was archived in Sept 2012. The new poll was started from then. I rounded the figures. Sheldon from 66% to 49% (26% down) Penny from 12% to 20% (40% up) Leonard from 10% to 16% (38% up) Raj from 6% to 5% (17% down) Howard from 6% to 4% (33% down) Amy coming in at 4% (new) Bernadette coming in a 2% (new) Stuart coming in at 1% (new) The old poll did not include the new characters but as they are only taking up 7% of the vote, this doesn't account for the big shifts. Penny's popularity as favourite character has gone up the most, with 19.5% of the vote, rounded up to 20%. Closely followed by Leonard. Sheldon, Howard and Raj have taken the biggest hits. Sheldon is still the most popular at 49% but he used to hold a massive 66% of the vote. So yes, I was right in sensing a drop. I will compare this again next year and see how these figures are moving. Another interesting thing to note (which I suspected) was the even bigger drop, in those who chose Howard as their favourite. The polls : http://the-big-bang-theory.com/polls/viewpoll/11/Who-is-your-favorite-character/archive/ http://the-big-bang-theory.com/polls/viewpoll/43/Who-is-your-favorite-character/
  13. Here a question: How Did Howard Go to MIT for 2 Years Without His Mom?
  14. What does Sheldon Cooper think about Rajesh Koothrappali and Bernadette Rostenkowski in terms of intelligence? I remember Sheldon noticing that Bernadette understood what he did (his work), but does that mean he thinks she's smart? With Raj talking more freely, giving our Shelly more to judge him about, I need to know, was this addressed in an episode? (Does anybody know/Has anybody watched an episode where S's opinion of Raj's intelligence was addressed?)
  15. Hello everybody, Does anyone know the names of all the posters from Howard's room? Maybe a prop inventory available somewhere? I'm interested in finding out what some posters depict, especially the one circled with red in the image I've attached I would really appreciate some help on this one, Thanks
  16. Today is SIMON B-DAY <3 Already sent "congratulations" to him on twitter? Soo cute!
  17. Imagine this scenario: Bernadette Likes Raj (Supposition) Raj Likes Bernadette (He confessed this in Season 5) Raj Likes Howard (He does, many of his actions and statements prove it) Howard Likes Raj (He does, his actions prove it but he isn't able to show) Bernadette Likes Howard (She obviously does, he's her husband) Howard Likes Bernadette (He obviously does, she's his wife) This would be REALLY messed up, the three of them fighting for each other with multiple emotions What say?
  18. MaryPea


    I really love Howraj, is my OTP. Seriously, someone else ship too? (Sorry for any error, I'm brazilian)
  19. In the 1st episode of season 6 of The Big Bang Theory Howard Wolowitz appears to be floating in the International Space Station. I was wondering is it possible to create zero gravity environment on earth? Did they use some hollywood stunt to create such a scene? Just curious to know!
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