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Found 3 results

  1. Just wanted to put this out there because this story NEEDS to be discussed. What does everyone think? Is anyone dying from these delaying updates like I am? Are there people out there who eat each chapter like its candy? OMG, this woman can write. Here is what I like about the story: 1. Covers issues on the show that I would love to see come to light like: A. Sheldon's lie to Kripke B. Sheldon's acerbic behavior to Amy in Season 6 C. How much Sheldon takes Amy for granted 2. Explores previously unexplored (or little explored) areas of fanfiction: A. We get a clear idea of the kind of family Amy comes from including meeting her parents, her sisters, and her niece and nephew B. Amy's father isn't dead C. Besides work and Sheldon, what else does Amy have in her life? 3. Ratchets up the drama and angst of Shamy for (hopefully) an awesomely fantastic pay-off love story 4. The superb writing of this truly gifted author seems to envelop the reader from the first word. She is talented at eliciting a plethora of emotions in and building on themes from chapter to chapter. Something almost innocent and unimportant in one chapter ends up being very important later. This is the mark of a great writer. I am not sure if she is published in the real world and just playing in this one, but I am thankful for her every day. (Even though I know that makes me sound like some kind of stalker person.) There are plenty of great Shamy writers out there (xMarisolx, Lionne6, Sheps888, Jesterkoops, RickyTheMonkey, bazingafan, and NerdForestGirl to name a few). But I am always going to have a special place in my heart for Misophonia, one of the reigning monarchs of Shamy fanfiction. Here is what I don't like: 1. The delays in updates. Usually, Misophonia is good at maintaining her pace with this, but she hasn't been so much with this one. (I have heard there is a lot going on in her personal life. So, it's probably not her fault.) I am not really complaining or anything. But a quicker updating schedule would make me so happy. Then again, I guess I would only be happiest if she would just write the whole thing and publish it all at one time. 2. We have stayed in the angst for so much longer than ever before with a Misophonia story. She warned us, but, my God, it has seemed to be forever since Sheldon and Amy exchanged a civil word. I guess this could just as easily be blamed on the long waits between new chapters (and she certainly warned us this would happen), but I just want some happiness, love, and passion. Bring the love, Miso! Of course, anyone who read the latest chapter knows she did just that. Hopefully, it will last. 3. There aren't any sub-plots in this one. In her masterpiece, the Family Reunion Probability Theorem, there were a few sub-plots running parallel to the main plot. I like the complexity of that kind of writing. I think it would help this latest story in that the reader wouldn't feel the angst between the two main characters as hotly as we do. Then again, this could be because of the updating schedule. I really won't know until Misophonia is done and I can go back through and read it all at one time. 4. There's not as much humor in this story as there has been in previous ones. This really isn't a criticism, but more of something I am just pointing out. I would like more humor. Maybe it's coming. I don't know. But one of the things that is great about this author is her ability to weave humor into even the more dire of circumstances. Here are some questions I have that I hope to have answered before too long: 1. Now that Sheldon has told Amy he loves her, will she believe him? 2. When is the sexy time coming? 3. How can one reconcile Amy and Sheldon without serious therapy? 4. Will the reconciled couple fall back into their old issues or will they be better than before? 5. Is Sheldon ever going to meet Amy's family and how is that going to work? (Please let it happen soon.) 6. Is Sheldon ever going to admit the truth to Kripke? Will Amy make him? Well, that's what I think. How about everyone else? Do you have a favorite Miso story? What is it? Here are my favorites in order of importance: 1. The Family Reunion Probability Theorem 2. The Osculating Supposition 3. The Love Spell Continuation 4. The Mendacity Revelation 5. The Hickey Endeavor Sound off, fellow fanfiction fans!
  2. OK. I just finished this one. Loved it. I also read the other 1 she wrote which wuz awesomesauze too! I looked and looked, but it don't seem like she wrote anymore. Am I wrong? Are there other stories like this one because the ones I came across weren't as good. Help! I am in need of more shots of my new addiction--shamy fanfics!
  3. We have a celebrity this week, Misophonia, start asking your questions!! Special guideline this week... No Fan Fiction related questions... Thanks. A couple of guidelines: 1) This is an absolutely zero debate zone. 2) Follow-up questions are heavily encouraged. You are also encouraged to discuss things you find you have in common 3) Some people will be more open than others about sharing real life details. Please respect that. 4) It is not off-topic to explore something about a person like a hobby or cultural differences as long as they don't mind answering. 5) We post about TBBT so much in other forums and since it can turn into a debate so easily TBBT questions are discouraged. If you want to ask something please be careful... please. 6) Different people will answer at different paces so don't get discouraged if it takes awhile to get your answer. 7) Specific interpretations of religion and religious text are a hot mess on a message board on a good day. They really need to be avoided in hotseats because it will make future participants uneasy. The same goes for political discussions. Remember this is a zero debate zone. Have fun!!
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