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Found 4 results

  1. What's up dudes and dudets? And Greetings from Sri Lanka! I'm just a 14-year old newbie who just happened to find TBBT.. Extremely amazing.. First off.. I'm a PC gamer..( No hate on the consoles.. Just can't afford it ) I love Sonic The Hedgehog, DC and Anime. Just in case you didn't get the hint... I'm a dude man.... Hoping I'll have a great time here! :D Adios!
  2. Howdy all, My name is Jim Nash and sometime last year my girlfriend turned me on to some reruns of TBBT. This was no easy task as I do not watch TV with any sort of regularity or allegiance. The time slot worked out well since we have a Channel 5 feed at 7:30pm, around the time we are done with dinner. As a Network / Technology Administrator and Sci-Fi fan I found the show smart, engaging and a bit racy - similar to the only other show I catch on re runs "Two and ½ Men." (which airs at 7:00pm - dinner time - out by us.) However, with the reruns not being in any particular order, I found the character interaction disorienting (Leslie her and there, Penny / Leonard and Howard / Bernadette status) and decided to review all the seasons, in order, to see which episodes I missed. Anyway, with the help of my DVR, the local library and the past 2 months, I am up to the current episode and have filled in all the blanks. It's been a lot of fun watching the evolution and maturing of the characters - especially Shelly. Anyway, looking forward to a great season and and what this forum has to offer. Thanks for creating it. I know it's not an easy task.
  3. Heylo newbie here, so thought would drop a line. So glad i've found this site! I love TBBT and its driving me crazy having no one to talk to about new and old eps. My jokes and "Bazinga" comments are lost on workmates. anyway i'm Rachel, live in Cheltenham, England. Coming up to the big 30 in the summer; got my very own "soft kitty" called Kilty who makes my world. Look forward to talking more :D
  4. Hallo All, Another fan of the show here. Sort of heard about it through my Family. Went for a visit and they watch the show. Not certain what Series it was (3 and 5 maybe?) that I first saw, but I REALLY adore the interactions in Series 5 and 6. As you can all most likely tell: I am a Jim Parsons fan now! And of course my favourite character on the show is Sheldon Cooper. He is strange and adorable and sort of crazy in such a lovable and attractive way. *Silly Sigh* All right last thing to admit... I'm a Sheldon-Amy fanatic! *Giggles Nervously* And I have heard about the 31, January episode. *Wink* Not certain what else to say? These Introductions are always difficult for me, sorry all.
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