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Found 4 results

  1. BBT is Hovering and Needs a Boost 6.0 By CitizenCritic, Yesterday What I enjoyed about the past seasons of 'The Big Bang Theory' was the diversity of set locations such as: a Las Vegas bar, a hotel seminar, the desert, the Antarctic expedition, Howard ('Rocket Man") in space, etc. These 'away from home' adventures made the show more interesting and different and the comedy seemed to flow better too. In the 7th season premiere, Leonard's sea expedition was too short although Sheldon's dream sequence was funny However what I'm sensing now is the characters are starting to get dull and the sets are being relegated to: the boys (Sheldon, Leonard) apartment, Penny's apartment, Raj's apartment, Howard and Bernadette's apartment, the university (cafeteria, labs, offices) and the comic bookstore. This show needs to amp up because I definitely believe it has 'The Simpsons' staying power. The actors/actresses perform their lines wonderfully but the comedic potential that science and technology offers the audience is not being exploited enough. What makes this show different than any of the other situation comedies is the way science and technology is woven into the episodes in an informative but also witty and occassional slapstick manner. What I'm suggesting to Mr. Lorre is, "more funny science, please." Take the viewers on a laughable adventure with leading edge (or weird) science and the technological underpinnings that make it possible. For example: 1. Bernadette starts to grow (or shrink) after being exposed to one of the biological organisms she is studying in her lab. 2. Amy programs a hat used in her monkey lab experiments that forces the wearer to act uncontrollably romantic and tricks Sheldon into wearing it. 3. Howard goes back to MIT and finds out he was cloned in a perverse experiment. 4. Sheldon grows a goatee because stroking it makes him solve quantum mechanic math better. 5. Kripke designs a plasma propulsion engine, attaches it to a small observation balloon and uses it to spy on his beautiful neighbor. 6. Penny explores method acting as a way to make herself more marketable. She pretends she is a character who suffers from spectrophobia (fear of ghosts). 7. The apartment elevator mysteriously starts to work again but it takes its riders down to Hell. The possibilities are limitless and the laughter, well; I'm chuckling already!
  2. Hello! I'm writing a book that uses superheroes to explore science (if you're interested, pre-order it through my Kickstarter project: http://kck.st/Ujc1i7). The book is aimed at people who wouldn't necessarily read comics or a popular science book. And as someone who watches TBBT, I think there's overlap between my target audience and fans of the show, which is why I wanted to post a link to the book on this forum. But while thinking about how to spread the word about my book, I also realised that you guys might also be able to help me angle it toward the readers I'm hoping to attract. TBBT is a popular series (20m viewers in the US alone) but I suspect people mainly watch it because it's a funny sitcom and the characters are likeable. So here's my question for fans who aren't interested in science: What would grab your attention and make you want to read a popular science book? So for example, my book will include a lot of 'human interest' stuff, such as describing what scientists are like as people - not just their research and results (I'm a biologist by training and a journalist by inclination, so I tend to look at science from both inside and out). If you've got any other thoughts or queries, please don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Sheldon as a pranks mixed Soap, Iodine and Peroxide. Since Iodine is the catylist its not included in the equation. In the show as well as live demonstrations of this experiment you see the substance getting very hot. If its really gets hot enough for steam coming off of it wouldn't it burn everyone it was dropped on in the room?
  4. Yeah I know its probably not close enough to Halloween or anything but I always thought this episode was funny. In the costume episode Sheldon goes as the "Doppler effect" and I also thought of a nerdy costume. Its called the refractive light costume. It would be a white shirt, rainbow hair, rainbow suspenders, black overalls and rainbow wrist bands. The joke is that rainbows are made out of refractive light. Therefore being a rainbow would show you are representing refractive light. What are some nerdy costume ideas you can think of? Not to be confused with reflective like a mirror which is bouncing it.
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