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  1. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.
  2. As BBT is usually very careful making sure things referenced on the show are accurate, especially when said by Sheldon, I wanted to start this thread for anyone who can find any inconsistencies or outright errors with anything Sheldon (or any other character) says. Ill start off with an example I discovered the other day. In S07E02 "The Boyfriend Complexity" Sheldon suggests to Penny that “with your Italian pizza and my Chinese noodles we could play Marco Polo." Marco Polo died in 1324. In S04E09 "The Deception Verification" while arguing with the pizza delivery man about walking up th
  3. A thread for discussion about the character of Sheldon Cooper.
  4. I discovered big bang theory only 3 years ago....when i was going thru a very traumatic time. I cant believe how i have come to love these people...i have watched all seasons over and over again....in fact they have become my security blanket lol!! i am 63 years old....noone in my age group of family and friends watch BBT...but i dont care....theyre all dumb anyway lol!! BUT my grandkids and I have the best time discussing the show and they love that their nanna is so into it!!!! Jim parsons has stolen my heart....from the very first moment i saw him on BBT...i cant describe the joy he
  5. http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/ Alright lads and laddesses, before the sound of eye-rolling becomes deafening, we have the excellent Tripper’s blessing to announce this, so don’t go querulously thumbing through the rule-book. We have laboured long and hard, and perhaps somewhat insanely, to create a celebratory, and mildly psychedelic and twitch-inducing website in honour of Sheldon and Penny. This means the characters individually, and all permutations of their friendship, both Canon and Hypothetical. Thus the Platonic, Philosophical, and Romantic Shenny. If the latter is not your
  6. Hi guys! So I just published a new fanfiction. Do people still read fanfiction anymore? I have no idea. Well if you do: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12189514/1/To-The-Moon It's gonna be a Shamy multi-chapter romance/drama fic with the other characters for supporting. It's actually a cross-over fic between BBT and one of my all-time favorite video games. I'm just so in love with the story and it fits so well in the BBT universe that I had to do a crossover. With major differences, of course, because I have to make the story fit with Shamy and make it my own! I hope you guys like it.
  7. After lots of discussion in the Shamy thread, Lionne suggested there should be a poll on the above question.
  8. My lastest Shamy AU One Shot. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12205523/1/The-Trundle-Reaction For a period of about 24/48 hours, somehow my initial draft overwrote the original published final version when I went back in to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes. The story has been updated to fix the issue. I apologize to anyone who read the draft and got confused by the continuity issues and errors. It was never meant to be seen. However, for those that did, I know you appreciate the work and rework that goes into creative writing and understand.
  9. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11670697/1/The-Emotion-Culmination I just published the first chapter of my next story expanding the scenes from Episodes 9.10 and 9.11 Thank you in advance for the reviews and suggestions. I look forward to feedback.
  10. This is just a silly question I was thinking about while driving to work this morning. So a lot of us fan fic authors have written a scene with Shamy's "first time". Now that their first time happened on screen (which I thought was very tender, sweet and very them), I was wondering did you see any coincidences between what you wrote, and Shamy's actual first time on screen? In my completed fics, I only had them have sex in one of them - the Fight Aftermath. But I had a few snippets which I thought were a bit similar to the show. From Fight Aftermath (just before coitus): <
  11. I've published the first chapter of my next Shamy FF. Spoiler Alert: Contains some S9 spoilers based on information released from the tapings, but not yet aired. Warning: The first chapter is kind of a downer, but it is a set up for good stuff to come later, I promise. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11512549/1/The-Discussion-Resurgence
  12. Does this sound like someone we know? Nikola Tesla Was a Virgin with OCD who Fell in Love with a Pigeon Widely known as a certifiable genius and one of the visionaries behind modern electricity, here are a few things you just might not know about famed Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla. 1. He probably died a virgin It’s widely speculated, though not technically confirmed, that Tesla died a virgin. Some historians believe he was asexual and had no pressing desire to do the deed, while others think it may purely have been due to his own incredible shyness around the opposite
  13. Just starting this up, so we can have our Shamy thread ready!
  14. Hello~! This is my very first fanfic and I really hope you guys like it. I wanted to make a his and her story (Sheldon's side will be posted next week). I'll be updating the 2 fics alternatively. Reviews and feedback are much appreciated. SHELDON LEE COOPER (HIS STORY) AMY FARRAH FOWLER (HER STORY) PROLOGUE PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1: THE FOWLER DISTURBANCE CHAPTER 1: THE COOPER ENCOUNTER CHAPTER 2: THE MOMMY INTERACTION CHAPTER 2: THE MATERNAL FACTOR
  15. YOU CAN PLAY HERE ! Wait 2/3 minutes to download the game ! Sheldon Kart I'm going to finish my TBBT car Game, you soon can play ! catch all the bazinga cubes you can see a preview of my game on the video below, download will be ready soon ! game in progress
  16. Since we probably are going to get many good & bad moments, I want to continue this thread during season 8. My feelings about the Shamy relationship at the moment, are captured perfectly in this song. It's a dutch song, but I'll post a translation below: Shit, I am crazy about you but still things aren’t go so good right now and I should be away from you. But that’s insane, because I find the right path together with you. A real woman, one I really trust. But still, sometimes I get really scared. And that’s weird, my whole life is like a test for you. It’s kinda cold
  17. If you plan to go Spoiler free in Season 8 like me, please join me here to discuss Pasadena's favorite power Couple!
  18. Below is a link to the best Shamy moments over the past four years since the first fateful meeting of those two characters on May 24th, 2010. This story was inspired by all of your wonderful Shamy fan fiction stories that I have had the pleasure of reading and have enjoyed tremendously, that have uplifted my spirit, and given me hope for the future of the characters that we all love so much! I had wanted to post this on the 24th, the actual anniversary of their first meeting, but that didn't work out, so I’m posting it on my fiftieth birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy all, and thank you for y
  19. First off let me just say that I love this show. It's my favorite show of all time. The plot lines are riveting, the characters are so developed, the lines are hilarious and genuine and the acting is amazing. I never get tired of watching TBBT. So I just joined this site today and this is my first post, so I apologize if someone else has already brought this up. I was watching clips from the show on youtube today and it occurred to me that Penny might be the most important character on the show. She shows up in the apartment building and things start to change. Without her, the guys
  20. I noticed something. Sheldon ends up attracting women without really trying and generally he doesn't want to do anything with them. When Howard and Raj and Leonard try to get women they are not always able to do so.
  21. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it!
  22. Much like there are Shamy moments that I like to re-watch again and again, there are Shamy fanfic moments that I like to re-read again and again. My favorite Shamy fanfic moments in no particular order. All the credit goes to the amazing authors. All these stories are incredibly good, and you should take the time to read them all. These are moments that stuck with me and I will sometimes go back and re-read these random moments. Let me know if you have any favorite Shamy fanfic moments that you like to read again and again. 1) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 End of chapter 8, It is
  23. I have a new WIP up at Fanfiction.com. I am going to work through my feelings about the season finale taping report. It's called the Make-up Inefficacy. I've just posted chapter 2. The current story is going to be told from Sheldon's point of view, while the story of Amy's summer is going to be told in a series of flashbacks. And I just watched Frozen for the first time last night. So now Amy's theme song for the story is "Let it Go".
  24. This thread is to post positivity for Shamy's future and possible circumstances for the end of S7
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