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Found 6 results

  1. Is Sheldon really a child? Is that what the cast all sees him as? In the newest episode(Spoiler) Amy trys to make him feel better by giving him strawberry milk. Sheldon replys a "Child's beverage" is not going to fix anything. Leonard and Penny talk about how they taught him "Stranger danger". Leonard offers to take him to legoland to fix things. Penny says that he is a grown man and he can go by himself. Leonard says sheldon looks like a grown man and references "Freaky friday" and penny gives Sheldon a kiss good bye and tells him to "Be safe and call them". (The rest not spoilers) This first thing leads to a previous episode where Amy tries to make him like her more by using things from Sheldon's childhood to make him like her. She made him spaghetti with hot-dogs and strawberry milk. Penny takes Sheldon to Disney land and try not to fight in front of Sheldon. When Leonard and Penny do fight Leonard ends up getting upset and runs to hide at the comic book shop. Bernie gets Sheldon to go to listen by yelling at him like he was a small child. She says "Its ok i know how to deal with stubborn children". Leonard sends Sheldon to bed saying that he will be sleepy for work. He convinces Sheldon to go to sleep because he wants to sleep with Penny. Leonard takes Sheldon home from the ball Pit and the security says he knows a person with special needs. Amy refers to Sheldon as a "Sexy Toddler" in one episode(Which is actually an incredibly creepy remark if you think about it.) Now his mother treats him like a child but its his mother and generally parents always see their kids as kids. No matter what age they become. Howard is actually living with his mother in the beginning and his mother babies him but most of the other cast does not deal with Howard as though he is a child. A lot of times they seem to deal with Sheldon as though they are dealing with a moody child. Also Bernadette said to him "I am telling you now I am not going to be your mother" to Howard in an episode.
  2. Post what you believe is the funniest Sheldon moment here. I like the drunk piano moment.
  3. I noticed something which I do not understand with this show. They all act like they do not make any money. The only time I think this would be justified is in Pennys case since she is a waitress. They talk about how stuff costs them all this money but look at the jobs they have. They all finished college and I am positive none of them are minimum wage. So why do all of the scientists in this show act like they are poor and don't make any money? If people coming out of college make as much as a waitress whats the point of going to college? I looked it up and it says a Chemist makes 35-45$ an hour and a waitress makes 8-10$. Some jobs after 20 year only make 25 an hour. So how are they poor?
  4. What character from the show would you marry?
  5. Hey, I love Big Bang Theory and I saw that no new episode had been scheduled. So does anyone know why?
  6. This is for everyone to share all the mediocre shows and movies that were not very great films or shows but that you still enjoyed watching. Something I like is "Karin"(Manga:Chibi Vampire) its an anime about a vampire that gets nose bleeds when she doesn't get enough blood. Its like not one of the greatest made anime and it doesn't have anything that really sticks out and as far as most other anime I have watched this is clearly a B-lister but I still really liked watching this anime. So go ahead and share your B-list films and shows that you still loved watching!
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