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kaley cuoco in "Meet Cute"

Mario D.

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It seems that Kaley is filming this in NY at the moment.  My understanding was that a little over a month ago she was in negotiations to star in this project with Pete Davidson. How did this project advance so fast?  My guess is that they had this story and Davidson all ready to go and just needed Kaley to agree and sign the contract.  Or maybe there was another actress for this role but when Kaley received all the award nominations they wanted her for this part to benefit from her notoriety. This is just speculation on my part as I thought it was kind of sudden she started filming this movie.


Kaley has posted on her IG a video of her and Pete Davidson at Great Adventure amusement park going on a ride called The Slingshot.  They were having much fun and holding hands as the ride was about to start......almost like it was a date.  TMZ also picked this up and showed it on their program. The last time I saw Kaley on a scary ride was when she was dating Karl and they were in New Zealand and he coaxed her to go on a bungee jump. I don't want to speculate anything as she is in a happy marriage but it is also an unconventional one.

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