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S7 - I don't like the way, they shade Sheldon/Raj


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9 hours ago, SBGrace said:

I can relate viewers who felt the show became centre on Sheldon/Amy show. No doubt. The show became way too Shamy oriented as the seasons passed. This didn't bother me as much as some because I wasn't an advocate of any particular character or couple. This cast was immensely talented and always shined when onscreen. Leonard and Penny (Lenny) were the worst developed and their air time was often shamefully squandered. 

I also am not finding their digs at eachother funny but miserably rude. Some of their shots at one another might have crossed a line but the banter between male friends was not out of the realm of possibility. I spent a career in the Army and gave and received a lot of playful digs with other soldiers. 

The cast are talented but it is boring, and the guys are way too shallow it seems immature. I never found TBBT boring. Every episode is not a classic but there are many more hits than misses. Yes, the guys are shallow and often immature. They are sitcom characters which tends to make them less than fully developed as human beings. 


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