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Sheldon's likes and dislikes

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I've just rewatched all 12 seasons and compiled this handy cut-out-and-keep guide, see below. Any additions or comments welcome! 

(Done separate lists on food/drink)


Doesn’t like

Birds (esp Big Bird on Sesame St) dogs (even Cinnamon), snakes, spiders, scorpions, possums, bears, butterflies (air-borne worms), mosquitos, bees, too scared to touch a fish, whistling (incl noses), heights, the dark, heat, small places, dampness, ladders, echos, swimming, Steve Jobs (apple, although he does have an ipad and wishes he had bought ipod too), wedding receptions (be like Bilbo Baggins, slip on the ring and go home), coconut scented shampoo, children, clowns, brazil nuts, Christmas (esp decorations after NY, but does enjoy eggnog all year round), parties, brunch, hamsters, claw-foot baths (makes him think he’s bathing inside a monster), reclaimed wood (in case the original owners come back), Geology (not a real science), Biology (worse than a fraud), psychics, horoscopes, crystals, reiki, driving, picnics, sports (can’t even ride a bike), outside (Amy refers to Leonard as an “indoor cat”), the beach, rain, Vegas (America’s urinal cake), most music, hot tubs (sweaty people soup), rollercoasters – although does go on them. Buildings sites (stray nails and butt cracks), sellotape, peaches, felt, people who jump the queue, being tickled, scented markers, wearing open toed shoes (germs & sunburn), New York, the smell of newspapers, queuing without his phone, tautologies eg “unsolved mysteries”, magic tricks, jazz, grammatical errors



Comic books, video games, card/board games, lego, sci-fi (Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Back to the Future), dressing-up, trains, monkeys, koalas (going to the zoo – rhinos are his least fave) cows, platypus, the metric system, the former planet Pluto, social media (“I’m a fan of anything which tries to replace actual human contact”), delivery people (for the same reason) Disneyland, robots, the TV prog Lost (except the ending – probably would have said same about GoT), Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice (a flawless masterpiece), baguettes, China (they know how to keep people in line), wants his hair like Bill Gates, bobbleheads, swordfish, hammerhead sharks, Taylor Swift music, flags, storage solutions, Prof Stephen Hawking, rules, spork (spoon & fork), doing his taxes, filling in forms, flotation tank therapy


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