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Sheldon's daily routine - WHERE DOES HE POOP?

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I've rewatched all 12 seasons and taken notes (see below). 



Wakes as the alarm is about to go off.  Morning vocal test, 2nd morning vocal test.

I use bathroom between 7-7.20am (urination is 7.10am). Plan your ablutions and bodily functions accordingly.  (Leonard has to evacuate his bowels at 7.30am)

Eat my breakfast at 8 move bowels at 8.20 – he has tweeted about it.  “My bowel movements run like a German train schedule”).  Keeps a spreadsheet of them on his fridge.  Later, Leonard says he goes to the toilet at 8am.  He reads social science stuff on the toilet as light entertainment.

One day he has spinach & mushroom omelette for breakfast at the uni cafeteria.  He says does not do bowel movement at work.  He is also seen eating breakfast in the car. And later he says he does a no1 in the library toilet and a no2 in the basement toilet.

Puts both of his legs into his trousers at the same time.

Shower twice a day and wash hands as often as he can.

1.45pm – optional toilet visit

2.45-3.05pm – disappears at work to bounce a ball as many times as he can without dropping it

6pm - dinner

7.10pm – another optional toilet visit if it’s High Fibre Friday

8am – evening activity eg Halo Night

9pm bedtime.  (“I am worthless after 9”)

10pm: end of date night. noise restriction kicks in

10pm: must be in PJs by this time on a school night


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