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Sheldon's Food & Drink

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I've been rewatching all 12 seasons and have made the below notes. 

Any comments etc welcome! 


Food & Drink

Mon – Breakfast: porridge (favourite flavour – plain).  (other days: French toast, Apple Jacks cereal)

Indian food for lunch on the day they met Penny

Cyan Palace mango rice

Thai food.  Cashew chicken.  Sezuchan Palace/Golden Dragon (this is Chinese)

Tues – 6pm cheeseburger at Cheesecake Factory.  

Wed – creamy tomato soup at Soup Plantation

Thursday – pizza (a circle made of triangles in a square box)/ is no longer cruciferous veg (brussel sprouts)

Fri – High Fibre Friday ie Grapenuts? Soup, to be replaced with big boy hamburger, Chinese food




Tuna sandwiches from his mum in his lunchbox

Childhood sweets (red vines)

MeeMaw’s cookies

His mother’s fried chicken & pecan pie

Spaghetti hoops with cut up hot-dogs.

Double-stuffed oreos,

Ice-cream sundaes.  Fave flavour of ice-cream is strawberry.


Chocolate chips

Chocolate cake with strawberry icing

Perfect dessert: Yellow cake in the shape of a dinosaur, choc icing, scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the side, not touching

Tapioca pudding

Chicken noodle soup, toast with crusts cut off (when ill)

Lentil soup

Swedish meatballs

Honey nut cheerios, Lucky charms (but not the red ones as not Irish enough) also seen pouring some bog-standard wheat bite type thing


Peanut butter cups

Toblerone (duty free from Switzerland)

Frozen yog machine in the cafeteria

Tater tots

Ketchp, BBQ sauce

Crisps: bugles, pretzels


Warm milk (to sleep)

Seen drinking a glass of milk with meals

Yohoo (choc milk) Kool-Aid, strawberry-kwik

Dr Pepper

Diet coke (or a mix of diet coke 35%, real coke 65%)


Tea (with honey if ill) (although refers to it as leaf soup)

Hot choc only in months ending in “r” – with half and half instead of whole milk, heated to precisely 183 degrees F (83 degrees C) and 7 tiny marshmallows

Pomegranate juice – a zip of antioxidants



Doesn’t like:


Haggis/black pudding, Greek food/lamb, Yorkshire puddings (“yucky”), raisins/Christmas Pudding, coriander, sushi, runny eggs, asparagus, kiwi

Sugar flowers on cakes, raisin & oatmeal cookies


Caffeine - I don’t drink coffee. I promised my mother I wouldn’t do drugs. 

Doesn’t drink alcohol. (Although invents his own cocktail – the Dr Cooper which is champagne and sweetner)

Tries a red bull but makes him throw up

Water with a slice of cucumber in it (the world’s most boring liquid and vegetable together)


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