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Sheldon's Activity Routine

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I've rewatched all 12 seasons and have noted as below.  Any comments welcome! 



Tues: Live webchat called “Apartment Talk”

Wed – new comic book day – go to the comic book store

Wed is Halo night (8pm) (although one time he has Halo night the night before Dr Who)

Anything can happen Thursdays (3rd Thurs of every month) Although this gets dropped because they could never think what to do…but later brought back.

Date Night – 2nd Thurs of every month or the 3rd Thursday in a month with 5 Thursdays.

Friday – vintage gaming night (previously Firefly)

Saturdays: 6.15am awakes, 6.30am watches Dr Who with shredded wheat and ¼ cup of 2% milk

4.30 is during Pre-evening. So on Saturday it is for re-sorting and pre-soaking

Saturday night is laundry night. 8.15.  

Weekends – paintball

Take him out every 2nd Sunday to the park for 1hr for fresh air to catch a frisbee

? Fun with Flags

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