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Sheldon's belongings

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These are the funniest things I have noticed he owns!


Periodic table shower curtain

Rubix’s cube hanky box

73 tshirt

Bowl for keys

Folds tshirt and socks with contraption (why not use iron? He does have a steamer)

Has 9 pairs of trousers and 9 pairs of pants

Apartment flag – fly upside down if apartment is in distress.  Declares his room a sovereign nation and wages a trade war with Penny & Leonard.

Glow in the dark ant farm (they do most of their best work at night)

Bus pants (for public transport)

Mouth to mouth Mona – for practising CPR

Has a Gollum figurine on his desk in the living room.  It moves to a bookcase on the right of Penny’s apartment when moves in there.

Albert Einstein bobblehead on his desk at work

Game of Thrones sword.  Moves it with him to Penny’s apartment.

Handmade “ornament separating template” for Christmas decorations. (Don’t have Star Wars and Star Trek on the same branch)

Pocketwatch (like a train conductor)

Framed picture near door in his room which says “failure will NOT be tolerated”

PRK – public restaurant kit – a backpack containing toilet paper, seat covers, rubber gloves, peg for his nose, anti bac, airfreshener, mirror to check guy next to him isn’t a weirdo, noise cancelling headphones, danger whistle, pepper spray, multilanguage occupied sign, shoe covers

Has a pre-packed disaster evacuation bag not sure if this is the same as below.

Keeps emergency provisions - 8 day supply of food & water and a crossbow.  Has a back-up emergency supply kit as “the living room escape route doesn’t pass through his bedroom” (so leaves one in his bedroom with Elizabeth Plimpton and takes the other to LR with him)

Guests get the morning bathroom schedule emailed to them and a laminated one in their “welcome pack”.  It’s on the back of the emergency escape route diagram.   Maybe he changes it because there is talk about him regularly emailing it out to Penny etc. And it’s referred to referred to as being online.

When you move in, you have to have blood tests, sign a Roommate Agreement, Living Will, Power of Attorney.  You get an FAQ sheet, ID card with the apartment flag on it and a lapel badge. There are Quarterly meetings where you have to swear the Pledge of Allegiance.

Wants a Grudge Chair where he sits and thinks about people who have wronged him.

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