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Whats up my fellow Sheldoneers!

Sheldon Cooper irl

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I am an avid fan Young Sheldon ever since season 1, i have loved the funny escapades that young Sheldon Cooper has gotten up to, me and my elderly wife both love the show and are very intrigued to see what comes afterwards and were wondering if any of you internetters could help us out, we hope he doesnt die in the next season like many shows have done before. thanks you for youre help, much love. Brendan.


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I watched YS up until the start of the current season and have no idea why you would think it possible that Sheldon is going to die. He is central to The Big Bang Theory which takes place 20 years after the opening scenes of YS. Also, many YS episodes feature narration by a now middle aged adult Sheldon. The only YS character whose death is immiment is George, Sr.

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After Sheldon's wedding the  TV company released extra scenes on the website. In those there was a message even from Meemaw who was still alive but too elderly to travel. . It looks as though we won't be losing any other family members apart from George.. 

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