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A-Z: Animals

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MiracleMike: A copperhead is not a rattlesnake.They are,however highly venomous snakes in the pit viper family, Crotalinae. I can see where one may mistake them for rattlesnakes on a bare minimum of 4 accounts:

1)Their slit-shaped eyes which most venomous snakes, including rattlesnakes, have.

2) Their pattern.

3)The young copperheads closely resemble young rattlesnakes

4)Copperheads, when threatened, do buzz the tip of their tail in the dirt and leaves,creating a 'rattler-like' sound.

My dad is a herpetologist, so I grew up handling diamond back rattle snakes, pygmy rattlers, snapping turtles that weighed 100 pounds+ ans well as having gone swimming in ponds in the middle of the night for snapping turtle and red efts.


Egyptian Uromastyx (spiny-tailed lizard)

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SHENNYxBAZINGA, you just did a "Walnut". You are going to fast. Your last reply should have started with "S".

I don't feel so bad now!


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