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4.22 The Wildebeest Implementation (May 5)

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I didn't mind this episode. After all, it shed a new light on Amy for me. I hate the idea of a Sheldon 2.0, so her character changing direction a little has my support.

The only thing that's bugged me about the last two episodes is that Pria is separating the girls from the guys, causing the all-girl scenario to push the all-guy scenario out of the picture. We didn't even get to see Raj or Howard last episode, and Howard didn't get much interaction in this one.

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Has anyone ever tried putting together a version of 3 player chess like Sheldon made with the extra pieces that we know of


1) The Serpent-          poisons anyone it "bites" they die in six moves if they don't get to...

2) The Old Woman....who cures the piece that is poisoned and gets all their powers plus that of the serpent

3) Prince Joey-           piece that has a 1 in 5 chance of "killing himself" whenever he moves.

4) Catapult-               flings other pieces (or at least bishops)

5) Gorilla-                  nothing specified

6) Transporter Pad-  moves other pieces

7) Golf Cart-             has to recharge or may be used in conjunction with the Time Machine

8) Time Machine-     if you have this you don't have to wait for the Golf Cart to charge

9) Beekeeper-          has control of The Swarm (naturally).

10) Pope-                 a king level piece.   Take him and you can win the game.

11) The Swarm  -     controlled by the Beekeeper, capable of taking the Pope.

12) Jet Pack      -     can be used by the Pope to escape


Interesting indeed.

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