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This or That?

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This game is very simple, Player 1 asks the person below (next replier) a this or that question (example: Dogs or Cats?) and Player 2 responds with their answer (which they like the best, or would cho

@ RACHEL, you forgot to add a post. I thought that was MY job (to forget a post I mean).   Eggnog with or without Rum.

tough one, but I'll say cats. pen or pencil? 

Yes,I find many are quite adequate with their apologizes, while what really matters if they mean each of the apologies they offer, or if they apologize as a natural reflex.

Coffee with sugar and whip cream, crumbled chocolate bar, and a splash of either: Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Irish Cream, or Butterscotch Schnapps...or,around Christmas, Peppermint Schnapps with a peppermant candy for stirring.

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Jack of Jack in the Box....he is only slightly less creepy than Ronald.I have a thing against clowns,not helped by Stephen King's It...the book is far creepier than the cheesy movie, and I am a very visual reader. I read It by Stephen King when I was in 4th grade, and my imagination got the better of me so much, that at one point I screamed and threw the book across the room (I finished the book the next day).


Chips with dip or without dip?

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Rye bread, but pumpernickel chips .................French or sourdough bread.

Hm, never had pumpernickel chips, are they good?

Sourdough bread....my husband makes the best sourdough bread ever. He even raises the yeast and feeds it,etc, instead of buying activated yeast.

Mustard or grey poupon?

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