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This or That?

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This game is very simple, Player 1 asks the person below (next replier) a this or that question (example: Dogs or Cats?) and Player 2 responds with their answer (which they like the best, or would cho

@ RACHEL, you forgot to add a post. I thought that was MY job (to forget a post I mean).   Eggnog with or without Rum.

tough one, but I'll say cats. pen or pencil? 


Radio or CD,

I'm the exact opposite I"m miserable if it;s over 70F.

PS I've never done either.

I believe in the (old?) saying "any pain, no brain".

I guess I'm late AGAIN...handstand.

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Depends if I am reading,exercising, watching BBT, etc.

I'd say, right off the top of my head, dim,though.

My dad had a pet skunk named Flower that he had her glands removed,and I grew up with pet possums,snakes,etc.

Exotic pets or boring --I mean normal-- ones ?

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I don't like swimming in water who's bottom I can not see.

I am watching the BBT episode where Missy visits, and Raj takes the medication to help with his Selective Mutism. I've never realized it, but Raj has some great one-liners.

Anyways,heated pool.

Missy or Penny?

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