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This or That?

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This game is very simple, Player 1 asks the person below (next replier) a this or that question (example: Dogs or Cats?) and Player 2 responds with their answer (which they like the best, or would cho

@ RACHEL, you forgot to add a post. I thought that was MY job (to forget a post I mean).   Eggnog with or without Rum.

tough one, but I'll say cats. pen or pencil? 

Now that's just nasty..... HOW can you make me choose?? They both offer a great array of heroes.

Comic wise I think DC win, but Marvel are doing a much better job with their movie tie-ins.

Worthless trivia: the movie licensing rights were only released by Marvel several years ago, hence why we have had a huge influx of movies from their catalogue. Contrary to many saying that Marvel have simply jumped on the movie bandwagon and have hurriedly release title after title.

Back to topic... Alfred E Neuman or Sylvester P Smythe ??

What, me worry ? for shizzle

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