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What are you going to be doing in the next 5 minutes?


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@Wilde: you guys got another heat wave going on over there again?? I was watching the news before work and it showed people lining up to see the Pope in 41 degree heat.

That's very hot for Europe/UK. Here in Australia, unfortunately, a temperature of 40 degrees + during summer is very common for us >< bleh... I hate summer personally.

@Seph: "shizznits" .. tee hee I STILL giggle at that word !!

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I just had a cold shower... And I think I'm going to go back right now, it's just so hot in here.

(it must be Summer)

I don't like cold showers,i'm afraid i'll shrink in cold water.


I absolutely love cold showers, even in the middle of winter. I don't know why, it just feels really good. You should give it a try. ;)

*going back in the shower*

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