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Here's my Fact: When a .22LR bullet hits a raven at a distance of 60 yards when it's sitting at the top of a pine tree, the bird's torso explodes instantly and then your young cousins spend the rest of the day playing "find the body part" around the yard, although they never find the head (but one of them will freak your grandma out by showing her the wing they found in the flower bed under the kitchen window). I know this fact because I did that once when I was 12.

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A fascinating but basic interpretation of the interaction between the solar "wind" and the dust and gas particles sublimated from the cometary nucleus by said "wind"....

Anyhoo, In the spirit of this post I wish to refute an astronomical fact continually perpetrated by the mistakenly named, so called factual show, QI. The Earth has only one moon, singular, as opposed to the laudable fact dredged from wikipedia by the shows internet elves that there are multiple moons. 3753 Cruithne is an asteroid following Earth in a circular orbit around the sun with an inclination of 19.8 deg. Another asteroid, 2002 AA29 has a co-dependent orbit around the sun, proscribing a horse-shoe like orbit close to Earth. If this is indicative of the level of research that QIs elflord can produce then I sincerely doubt that it would be worth my time trying to find him on Warcraft. :icon_wink:

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@Nagarjuna: damn, and here I was thinking sharks used their kryptonian skin cells to breath !! lolz.

After watching the season one pilot last night, I have found something Sheldon does that has bothered me.

Whilst Penny goes for a shower, Sheldon goes to the fridge to get himself and Leonard a drink.

When he opens the fridge, he does so by slotting his fingers into the side of the fridge door and opening it that way as opposed to using the handle.

Over a period of years, this method of opening the fridge results in oil build up from your fingers on the door seal. The seal dries out and cracks. This results in the fridge losing its "coldness" and running less efficiently. I know, I have a $300 bill from having to get the seals replaced !

The common culprit is small children who cannot reach the handle, so in turn, grasp the side of the door to open it.

The lesson to be learnt... USE THE HANDLE, THAT'S WHAT IT'S FOR !!!

He also closes doors not using the handle, I worry about him catching his fingers.

I would have never notice these facts lol. What sharp eyes you two have

Sheldon is a germophobe, so he is behaving in character - doesn't want to catch anything from someone else who touched the handle.

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