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G'day from Down Under


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Heya everyone. I know I've been posting here for a little while now, but just realised I've never actually introduced myself properly.

Discovered The Big Bang Theory during Season 2. I had heard of it, but never payed much attention.

My sister is a huge fan and told me to watch it. She knows I'm a nerd at heart.

I fell in love with the Age Of Conan episode and from then on was hooked.

What can I share with you?

I'm an old man. I work as a Security Officer in a psychiatric hospital. Big gamer. I love my Final Fantasy and JPRPGs. Also a fan of anything Star Wars/sci fi/horror.

Have forced myself to try and enjoy the original Star Trek series, but alas, I just can't get into it ><

I have four beautiful children who live with my ex. (long story...)

When I was little, my brother and I had a dream of buying a video game arcade and living above it. Just like Jeff Bridges did in the movie TRON.

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@BazingaGirl: I'm from Melbourne, Australia. Got a heap of kiwi mates over here. They're all pretty choice :)

I was just in Melbourne in late March. Managed to see Mary Poppins on stage while we were there. Just a weekend trip but had a lot of fun and did far too much clothes shopping :o)

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