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King of the Hill


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"Wow... that was an overreaction." Seph says to himself, walking back up the hill and throwing some of the cheese stuck to him at BazingaGirl.

"Na ah ah!" she calls, "I'm staying right here!"

"We'll see about that." Seph walks right up to her and produces a 7 foot long katana. "Now get off my patch." BazingaGirl nods, swallows and runs. Seph reclaims the hill.

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Using the time machine, from the movie The Time Machine, I teleport myself to the top of the hill.

Luring Morlocks to the area, I point out to them that Seph is cherry flavoured on the inside.

Whilst the Morlocks busily feed on Seph's fruity centre, I reclaim my spot and am, once again, King Of The Hill !!!!

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Well, well well... look who's wandered back up the hill ??!

Damn your intoxicating fruitiness, Seph !!

I'll just let the Morlocks finish nibbling on my leg... but I'll be back !!

Or, if The Terminator was a music composer, "I'll be BACH !!"

"what the jizz"... lol'd at that xD

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Having finally signed onto your rp site last night and reading some of your posts (the BBT role play was very impressive) I see where you get your fluency when it comes to writing, Seph.

I can see I am going to have a very tough time outwitting you on this particular thread.

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope !!

Hmmm... I may have to employ jawas to have you removed from the hill and sold as space-junk on Tatooine.

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@netmouse: I'm trying really hard to come up with something, but you have to admit, Seph is pretty creative. And I just started full-time work this week, so I've had less time to spend here :(

OK, I whip out my mobile phone and call the local Mr Whippy icecream van who drives to the bottom of the hill and plays his music really loud and entices Seph down the hill with the offer of free ice cream. I then run up and reclaim the hill.

And just in case Seph doesn't like ice cream (as some crazy people don't) he runs down the hill to yell at the ice cream guy to turn his sodding music down because it's too loud. Either way, he's down that hill and I am up the hill. Heeeheee :D

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Ya, I am. Now to reclaim my hill...

After raiding the ice cream from the van, Seph attempts to pull out the driver.

"Get out the van." Seph said.


"I said get out the van." Seph pulled out his katana.


"GET OUT THE F***ING VAN!" Seph lost his temper and wrenched the door open, yanking the driver out and holding the katana to his throat. "Now get lost." The driver nodded and ran for it. Meanwhile, Seph jumped into the van, started up the engine and drove it up the hill.

BazingaGirl hears some sort of rumbling approaching her. She looked around, then she saw the ice cream van approaching! She quickly runs down the hill, while Seph weighs down the accelerator pedal with a heavy crate of drinks before jumping out of the van just as it gets to the top of the hill. The van, without a driver but a weighed-down accelerator pedal, rumbles after BazingaGirl, who is running away screaming.

Smirking, Seph sits down on top of the hill.

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I started to type out a great response but must have bumped the mousepad on my laptop and it deleted it all. Bugger! So I will sit quietly at the bottom of the hill....for the time being, that is.... and consider my masterful plot to get Seph off my damned hill.

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