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King of the Hill


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Have you ever seen Evil Dead 3, Seph? Or the Simpsons Halloween special where they did the send up of Fantasia?

Lots of people getting busted up into tiny little particles and then breathed in by the enemy. The little particles then regroup and attack from the inside.

Start holding your breath, Seph !!

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*gives the plague an evil stare and it runs and hides instead of scaring me. Then slowly walks up the hill with another bottle of champagne, shaken.*

Here you go I brought you something to celebrate

*watches as Seph opens the bottle and the surprise of champagne shooting out knocks him backwards. Down the hill he goes :p*

I still think this hill happens to be mine *smirks*

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*just as casually knocks on the secret door between dimensions and reemerges on the hill*

So its all dark Seph today? That's ok, it'll still be my hill at the end of the day.

*pushes dark Seph through the secret interdimensional door and beyond the void to another dimension. Then presses the mix button so the secret door is no longer connect to that dimension*

There that should take a day or so

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