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Darling sweetpea Dunja... there is always room.

Can we please find room in the Garden of Tranquility for Dunja, my daughter's dog, who had to cross the Rainbow bridge this afternoon? 

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Woohooooooo! *boing!* *petals everywhere*   

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ALL of you have done a simply WONDERFUL job at keeping the this area BEAUTIFUL, and the rest of KINK OF THE HILL, not to say ALL of THE LAND OF GAMES going, without ME (LOL) ! 
 You ALL saved my life & my SANITY more than you will EVER know !!!
I am going to leave MISS KITKA my E Mail address just in case any one of my true friends ever want to get a hold of me. 
  I love you guys, and "I'LL BE BACK",

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I will ATTEMPT to spend more time here !
It is so peaceful and calm !!!
Ever since my brain started started working again, I am now Admin. or Mod. and get asked to help out on other sites for "unruly" members of over 10 sites ! So I can be "working" for 8+ hours a day !
 It is great to be thinking again ! I remember when I first found this wonderful site, and how much time I struggled with some of these questions !
 I NEED to take more time out and smell the roses and see all the wonderful things that have been done to KOTH & RBB ! And start adding to it myself again !!
 See you all SOON !!


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