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I do not see a fight. But then again, there are those that said I said I have selective hearing.But I know what they really are --inattentive morons. :icon_rolleyes:

Kit --You love me? Well thank you, that is quite kind. :icon_mrgreen:

@walnut - no Kat/Toad fights - all good! :lol:

@Toad - you're a sweetie! Course I :wub: you!

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Darling sweetpea Dunja... there is always room.

Can we please find room in the Garden of Tranquility for Dunja, my daughter's dog, who had to cross the Rainbow bridge this afternoon? 

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Woohooooooo! *boing!* *petals everywhere*   

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Yeahhhh ok keep telling yourself that :icon_mrgreen:

Did you know witches have an OCD/ counting instinct which forces them to count all that they see?So a witch attack can be avoided by leaving items in her path - a sieve, she will be forced to count all the holes; a broom, she will count all the straws. Some people scatter mustard seeds or sand throughout the house. The witch is caught before she has time to count each grain.I will keep this in mind if ever we meet :icon_lol:

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