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Okay, this one is where one person posts a question, the next person answers it then asks their own question and so on. Be as creative as you can with your answers!

For example...

Person 1: Should we all go back to being cavemen?

Person 2: Depends if you like caves. Should Priya Koothrappali be stoned to death?

Person 3: HECK YES. Why do some people ask if their bum looks big in something?

...and so on.

Should the element of surprise be in the periodic table?

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Of course, but only if it's grouped with the transitional elements. I don't think it would fit the whole 8 electrons per orbital condition.

I'm sorry, but my next question has to be: Should Priya Koothrapali be stoned to death? (I know, I'm nasty, but I couldn't resist).

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The sound of one hand clapping? *THUD* (the sound that one hand makes against the back of your head! Sorry, I've been watching too much Fawlty Towers lately).

If a dog takes a poop in the forest and no one sees him, is he still a bad dog?

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