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I'm 58, so yeah I have childhood pictures in B&W.   what is your biggest regret.  

@JoeSal90 - what great pics! Favorite snack food - potato chips What is your favorite soft drink?

we will have when I can dig it out from the back of the cupboard! Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  

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I live in the city centre and public transport is very good in my city. Busses go every minute. And its walk to trainway station. So no need for car. My buss ticket is 50 euros per month and you can use it unlimited.

How many people you count as your family? 

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Finland, my home country. Sweden, Estonia, Russia, France, German, Denmark, Liethuan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greek, Egypt, England, United States, Dominican republic, India. 

How many languages you speak?

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British English/American English/Patois a.k.a Broken English a.k.a Jamaican and Australian English (a couple of words) as well as some Japanese (I studied Japanese myself before and majored in Japanese at college), as well some French (forced on me thankfully at my secondary school in England).

I also know Spanish, once in my childhood I sought out to learn Spanish, but in recent times I've casually learned Spanish Spanish and New World Spanish; I also know Cockney Rhyming Slang (a very regional form of English that my father knows/taught me).

So that's 5 types of English and 2 Types of Spanish

and 2 other languages.

I know phrases and words in other languages though, like one Russian word and I cannot read or write Russian, but I know this word phonetically, and a few Dutch words (Amsterdam being the only place I've been to outside of the English speaking world to date/so far).. and Merry Christmas in Norwegian.


What do you think of that TV show The Simpsons?



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