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I think you're on to something, Walnutcowboy, staying down here in the land of games. It's flaring up elsewhere, let me tell you.


To answer the question... I'm in driving distance of the lake district (I'm geographically challenged)


Have you stroked a dolphin?


 On a good day, I find I can stay entertained/busy all day long in the in The Land Of GAMES without ever having to leave.

I've heard that some people consider The Land Of Games to be the "Basement" of this Site.

They have to remember that it's the basement that supports the rest of the house.

 In this Land it's the Eloi that live (in peace and happiness) "underground", without being bothered by the "above ground" Morlocks.

WHO appear to attack their own ! 


Oh Yeah, the Question..

Have you ever read THE TIME MACHINE? 

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 Yes I've read the Shinning It explains SOO much(that the movie doesn't).


OH yeah, to answer your last question.

Yes I have pet several Dolphins.

And once at SEA WORLD I was picked to get kissed by a Dolphin !

And before you ask, no it wasn't the worst tongue I've ever gotten (SORRY, but when I bring up that subject I get asked that a LOT) !


Oh Yeah The next question,

How long to you spend each day on this Site? 

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