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The GF Introduction


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Was re watching season 3 this week, and got to the episode where Bernadette is introduced to the world.

I think they got it right with this one.

She is introduced nice and casually, as opposed to the more "aggressive" approach taken with Amy and in particular Priya.

Bernadette just seems to blend in. She pops a couple of great one liners and, yeah, makes you feel happy to have her on board.

Priya came back into the show and begins by stealing Leonard and straight away, trying to change him. Lose the glasses, stay away from Penny, don't play WoW.

Amy starts out instantly getting off side with everyone and as we're discovering, is getting off side with the viewing audience too.

I still cringe at the electric toothbrush comment.

I find some of Amy's antics quite entertaining and assuming she's going to be a fixture for the duration of season 5, hopefully they can tone her down a little and make her a bit more of a Bernie 2.0.

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well if you think about the intro of Amy, that is pretty much a way for them to introduce her

Sheldon isn't going to just go looking for someone

the internet dating website was like the only way to get sheldon to have a "GF"

she acted a little weird at first but i see it fine now

i think the brush comment was funny

but i get what you're saying

bernie is just funny...most of her one liners are just awesome

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I agree with the comments on Bernadette. I find her bubbly, sweet, and quite ditzy even though she is brainy. :)

Also, I didn't really like Amy's comment about the electric toothbrush, or the part where she disappeared after Penny into the bedroom during the slumber party. A bit yuck. Other than that, she is better later in the season than earlier.

Raj with a girlfriend? That could be an interesting comical angle to work. Love to see how they approach it, other than a deaf girl.

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a blue electric toothbrush on it, and the word Gerard under that.

It has made it to t-shirts, ladies & gentlemen. (I should have taken a picture of the guy....not only for the t-shirt, he was hot LOL)

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