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Whats the weather like?


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I thought one of the safest subjects on earth is the weather so it makes sense to have a thread about it. What is the weather like where you are today? ----- Its very cold and wet here, we're averaging about 25-40F and its always cloudy. Not too windy today though which is good.

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Time to jump this topic back to the first page!

Weather here in middle Finland is hot hot hot at 30 degrees of celsius.

around here this is very hot, and does not happen often. Well, not untill recently. Must be the global warming effect...

but anyway, the reason I jumped this topic back up here, is that it is hurricane season in usa, and it would be exciting to hear about it from locals that happen to be part of this forum...

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Guest I'm not dead Cheryl

Raining cats and dogs right now. The weather service gave an alert for possible floods because of the river overflowing due to so much rain.

I live in the high part of the city so it should be no problem.. my parents live close to the river though :(. It usually floods so the house itself it is high above the street level, but even then, they get isolated inside the house :(

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