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Leonard and Sheldon's apartment


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Ok, so I watched the Bad Fish ep.

In the opening scene you can clearly see a back wall opposite the elevator door, thanks to Raj and Howard's spy camera.

Against the wall is a rubbish bin and some empty water bottles.

I don't think there's a third apartment, though.

I was doing my head in over the floor numbering, but I see via the wiki that the ground floor (where the mailboxes are) is listed as the first floor.

This explains why Leonard and Sheldon only ever appear to climb 3 sets of stairs to get to 4A. (This was sooooo doing my head in last night)

I believe there are 8 floors to the building on top of the main entrance. With 2 apartments per floor, that would give you your 16 mailboxes.

Watching the Dead Hooker ep, Alicia's apartment looks like the mirror of Penny's apartment. So I'm guessing it's a one bedroom.

So yeah, I'm going 2 apartments per floor over 8 floors, with each floor comprising of one single bedroom and one double bedroom apartment.

Ahhhh... my therapist will be so pleased with me this week :D

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For what it's worth ... http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/index.php/Building


The Wiki

...and http://wiki.the-big-bang-theory.com/index.php/Mailboxes

Steve (who has spent a lot of time working on this question and writing the Wiki entry and is therefore as geeky and OCD as the rest of you!)

The Wiki

Thanks. This is wonderful. So is netmouse's analysis. Makes me proud to be a fan of this show sometimes. :p

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I was right there with netmouse this weekend, counting mailboxes and looking at that video camera.

The door shown in the 1st clip is Penny's, the second one with the closeup of the bazingas is Leonard and sheldon's

So I say either 7 or 8 floors...there may be apartments in the basement next to the laundry room, but maybe not, because of this:

Leonard and Sheldons mail box is on the top to the left, Penny's is right of theirs, so that means 5th floor would be right of Penny's but that leaves only 2 more. Again, sitcom so I wouldn't put stock into it...we might as well say it has 8 floors. However, the people on the 7th and 8th floor would HAVE to complain about that elevator...so maybe there are just too many mailboxes???

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The mailboxes are incorrectly sequenced, Ima.

Steve's wiki link explains it.

The ground floor where the entrance is is classified as the first floor. Most buildings classify the lobby as the ground floor, which stuffs you up when you're trying to count staircases !! lolz

I think the set designers are coitusing with us sometimes.

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