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Sheldon Coopers age?


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hes about 30...howard said hes edit(26 not 28) to his mother one time..mister grown up, now what do you want for breakfast? LOL

this was in season 1 ep 11 (The Pancake Batter Anomaly)

so its already season 4, so Howard is 29 now

so its safe to say they are all around that age

rewatch the one about the asparagus..in the beginning of the episode Sheldon was calculating when he will die and he has about 60 years left...and im guessing thats when he hits around 90 since thats pretty much going to be the norm

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@Pomita: season 4, the ep where Sheldon becomes an artificial presence device.

@simon: from what I recall, there might be some details written on the board. Sheldon's age has also been mentioned in past eps, as Pomita posted.

Penny and Raj have both had numerical ages mentioned during the series. Raj mentions his age when he is panicking about being single and lonely during season 3. Penny's age is mentioned when super hunk physicist Dave becomes Leonard's BFF.

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