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Personal Sheldonisms


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Phobias? Indiosyncracies? Habits? Any Sheldon-esque behaviour patterns?

Feel free to share.

For me, one of my most noticeable traits is that I like to group things in either 5s or 10s.

If anyone pays attention to how I post on this forum, I will always end on a post total that ends in a 5 or a zero before I log off.

I have no idea where this comes from. Just something I've done regularly over the years.

I guess it could have something to do with being a completionist.

Or I just need a higher strength OCD medication, 67259, purple monkey, dishwasher.

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Wasn't there already a thread about this, a while back?

@netmouse - That's interesting. :)

To repeat myself.. quite a lot of Sheldon here, unfortunately. Science nerdiness, fascination with numbers, somewhat of a stickler for routines and 'spots', a bit of social cluelessness and not knowing the 'protocol' at many times, Friday nights are Chinese noodles nights, occasionally hypochondriac, trying to rationally analyze things in real life to the point that people find amusing.. the list goes on.

Let me clarify that I didn't learn from Sheldon, these traits preceded him. :p

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I'm very similar to Pomita: numbers (I'm an accountant), I have my spot on the couch, although I don't mind sitting in a different spot from time to time, I like my routine, I love science (have a science degree, tho not a doctorate :) ), and have just officially sancitioned Thursday nites as Pizza Night, because it's the most frantic day in the week for our household!

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@Pomita: I was trying to think back across the threads when I came up with this one. It's kind of a variation on the "You Know You're Addicted To BBT" thread.

I was aiming more at particular quirky behavioural patterns with regards to this thread, as opposed to daily activities that are directly related to the show.

@Seph: I created a kingdom on Sims Medieval called Sheldonopolis. The kingdom rocks. The game kinda sucks though ><

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Mine is the shocked reaction to people being mad/upset at me for stating the "obvious" truth about something lol.

"What?! It's true! Don't look at me, it isn't MY fault."

Being socially awkward since 6th grade.

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Hmm... I have quite a bit.

I am practlically Sheldon with a (normal) social life.

One of the biggest is that I am a bit smarter than most people, and show it. A lot. :icon_wink:

Mary Cooper: It's ok to be smarter than everyone else, but you can't go around pointing it out!

Sheldon: Why not?

Mary Cooper: Because people don't like it!


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I've sometimes been referred to as "arrogant"

I tell people not to confuse my possible arrogance with the fact that I simply do not care about whatever it is they are waffling on about.

There is a difference.

'I said I followed, I didn't say I care'. :D

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Normally start off each weekend on a friday evening by completing all tracks grand prix on supertuxcart 6.0 and then 7.0 while listening to my Myspace playlist.

By the way, Asimov was mentioned in an early ep when Howard and Raj were suggesting that Sheldon might be a robot.

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Jim has gone on record to say how 'freeing' he finds it, to get into a character like Sheldon, who simply doesn't care what anyone thinks, says, does or feels, he just goes his own 'logical' way. :)

Oh, yes! Of course Asimov's 3 laws were mentioned. How could we forget? Thanks for reminding.

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