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Personal Sheldonisms


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When i eat something,like a bag of chips and o don't eat it completely i throw it away and when i want to eat chips again i buy a new bag.I never eat the already opened food

i do that with all the food.

I also drink from one glass only and if it's not clean i wait for my mom to clean it.

I don't like to grab objects with my whole fist i only use my fingertips if possible.

I also have my spot on couch but i can change it if it is taken

I use my left hand as much as possible but i am right handed.

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When i was 5 i had a jar with little rocks.

On Monday i would put a black rock in it.

Tuesday,red rock.

Wednesday,Grey rock.

Thursday,white rock.

Friday,yellow rock.

On weekends i did not do it because i could not find other colours near my house.

I liked rocks.

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@Seph: had a look at the Nightwish site. Hmmmm... they sound like an interesting band. A lot of great metal comes out of Europe. Finland is no exception. Will d/l an album and have a listen.

nightwish are an awesome band, italian band lacuna coil land dutch band within temptation are also good bands.

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I have a constant fear, day or night, of leaving my car headlights on.

I'll actually do a lap of my car when I park it just to make sure I haven't left them on, even though my car sounds an audible alarm if you do.

>< /sad unit

I have the same issue with my electric blanket. I check it's off at least 3 times after getting into bed.:icon_eek:

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I guess I have a few Sheldon traits. I do enjoy a lot of sci-fi shows. On a Friday night (unless someone is ill) old family friends come down to see us. I usually like to sit in a pacticular chair in the lounge room. I guess I'm more like Sheldon than I thought. However these traits do run my life like they do Sheldon.

Has anyone noticed that some of things Sheldon does are also alike to that of a person who has Asperger's syndrome. I had never noticed until I recently read a Jodi Picolut book recently where the main character suffers from it. What do others think?

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