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Howard Wolowitz's ringtone in s4e20

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I was always under the impression he used "Blinded Me With Science" throughout the series.

Without having the episode in front of me, the only other tune I can think of is he has the song "Bernadette" by The 4 Tops set for when Bernadette calls him.

Will rewatch when I'm not at work and repost if no one beats me to it.

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Ok... watched the episode. I'm taking it you mean the scene where Howard speaks with his cousin about the ring?

I'm going to go with it being a generic, preset ringtone.

I knew I'd heard the tone somewhere before.

Here's a clip from an Australian comedy/drama show called Offspring. In it, the main character has a recurring ringtone.

Skip forward to around 3:20 and see if you recognise something...


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There are actually entire threads dedicated to this particular tune, Tracer. It appears that it has been used in a lot of different media.

I'm thinking maybe it's one of the default tones ?? Gotta ask my sister.. she has an iPhone.

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