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Basically this is where you grant the wish of the person above you. But... since it was granted something bad happens!

For example...

Person 1: I wish Priya Koothrappali got stoned to death.

Person 2: Granted but Raj sues you. I wish for a cheese sandwich.

Person 3: Granted but the cheese in it is actually human toe cheese. I wish for a glass of drink that you never have to refill.

And so on...

I wish I had a less dominating dark side.

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EEEEEEWWWWW !!! THAT was harsh !!   Granted, you have just been transported into Justin Biebers's body and have been sent back to Canada by President Obama. (It's the ONLY good deed the President h

Granted, but delsino paused time with his remote then the remote breaks. so it won't be shown anyway.     I wish I can fly like superman.

GRANTED, but the day you received the A was "BACKWARDS DAY" so it really means you failed. @ SSGIRL, I do hope you get that A.   I wish I was FINISHED unpacking !!!!!


But the exciting thing is an asteroid going towards our planet and we need another mutant and clone squad to take it out.

I wish i had Nikola Tesla's brain for one day.

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