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Howard and Raj?


Will Howard and Raj End Up Together  

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  1. 1. Will Howard and Raj End Up Together

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had the feeling that the writer's introduced the Raj fancying Bernadette scenario beacuse they came to the conclusion that people were becoming annoyed with the constant Raj semi-gay scenes and jokes, and they decided to put an end to it. Have you noticed there has been no effeminate Raj since?

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The whole Raj-Howard thing is not meant to hint at gayness, more to make people get the wrong idea about a couple of guys who are good hetero friends. It would be downright stupid if they got together. In Friends, Rachel and Monica lived together for ages and were bffs, but nobody would have suggested otherwise, cos they're both girls. In this case, Raj and Howard are both blokes that often end up acting like girls because it's funny.

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