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Just curious about the gamers here...


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  • 8 months later...

Holy zombies, Batman!


Well now I can add Star Wars, Old Republic to the list of games I've played that I've seen on BBT.

Was good for about a month. Then old.

Waiting for Diablo 3 on the 15th! Woot! Loved D2 (heck D1 for that matter). Glad I have the first week of June off. =D

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Runescape (when I was around 13-14)

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 4 (online league matches with clans)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty World at War

Call of Duty Black Ops

Counter Strike 1.6

Borderlands multiplayer

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer (Roleplay server xD )


GTA Vice City

Lord of the Rings Online

Need for Speed World

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Play 4 Free

Champions Online

America's Army 3

Team Fortress 2

(all the above games I played online with friends)

I heard about World of Warcraft but I heard how addicting it is so, I stopped myself from playing that game. :D At the moment I'm not playing any games because I got uni work and final exams are coming up. :)

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I've played over the years the following:


Diablo 2

Diablo 3 (well still working on that one)

WOW from about 2007 and still play - and the very orginal one too not the online one


Sims 2

Wii Sports

Sim City 4 (haven't played for years)

Civilisation (oh so many years ago now)

Cesaer III

Age of Empires

Links Golf (now that was a long long time ago- I was quite good at it too)

We really used to go the game shop about 1 or twice a month and buy a new game and then if we didn't like it, sell it back to the game shop and buy another, oh those were the days.

And on the old Commodore 64 The Olympics, couldnt tell you which one, but it was the early 80's.

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The guys tend to play mostly newer games, except for vintage game nights when Sheldon brings out Super Mario. I was more into Sonic the Hedgehog myself. Thats kind of embarrassing but he was cute.

I really liked Metal gear solid and Tomb raider and then it was all about horror! the scarier the better...

Resident evil

Silent hill

Alone in the dark

Devil may cry

Fear effect


Dead Space - "Zero Gravity"

Some of the japanese games were well terrifying. :icon_cheesygrin:

There's never been a mention of the horror genre with the guys. But I'm mostly surprised they haven't mentioned Metal Gear Solid though.

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