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Vote for TBBT at TVGuide.co.uk


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Okay so maybe I shouldn't let this bother me so much. But the UKs biggest online TV guide site allows you to give tv shows a rating out of 10.

TBBT currently has 6.5 out of 10.

Sounds low huh? Now consider that One Tree Hill has 8.3, 90210 has 8.2 and Gilmore Girls has 8.1!!!

Come on!!! Are people insane!!

If you can be bothered UK viewers...get some votes in so I can get some sleep. :-)


90210 for god's sake!!

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Could the low rating have something to do with the split season screenings of TBBT in the UK?

I know it would give me the irrits having to wait several months to watch the second half of a series.

netmouse you might be right. It is very annoying. In fact maybe I should start a thread urging UK fans to contact Channel 4 and complain. If I'm not mistaken TBBT is the highest rated non-reality show in the US (or am I wrong - let me know)....like 14 million viewers. So it should really be shown more respect here than it does.

Then again Seinfeld never really got a decent primetime slot here in the UK.

The only other theory I have is that - well there will always be more people who hate The Beatles than who hate shall we say The Hollies. Because people react against what is popular. Why would you bother voting badly for 90210 when it's not winning awards and getting loads of plaudits.

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Was the 6.5 for the entire series, or just that one episode?

Out of curiosity, did Coronation Street or Neighbours get a score?

What's important is that WE love the show, samp. And at the end of the day, that's all that matters :D

My sister watches the revamped 90210, and not a day goes by that I don't remind her of how crap it is. Even the original series had it's merits (even when David became a coke-sniffing DJ at The Peach Pit lolz)

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You're right netmouse...you're right...I just can't let it go.

Yeah I think Neighbours was 5.1....not sure about Coronation Street.

Amazingly 90210 and One Tree Hill (the latter of which I find particularly dull) both rated higher than both Friends and Scrubs - so I guess it's all just bollox!!

My sister also watches 90210...and to be honest with you I watched much of the new first series with her - but alas I couldn't manage much longer than that. I just lost interest.

After seeing Veronica Mars which does the high school thing really really well...anything else pales in comparison.

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