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Tales from the Cutting Room floor


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I was introduced to TBBT during season 2 and as a result, I've pretty much watched all my BBT from the dvds as opposed to the television.

Recently, I have been switching over to watch the re-runs on tv when nothing else is on and am noticing that a heap of stuff is being trimmed from the episodes to fit in more advertising.

Our national carrier is actually butchering many funny lines, and many which are story specific.

We had the same thing here with The Simpsons where they would cut up to 10 minutes of an episode to fit more advertising in.

Don't know if anyone else experiences this in their country??

It is for this reason alone that I will never watch TBBT as it's aired on local tv. P2P and dvd box sets ftw on this one.

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Netmouse, I hear you loud and clear. My husband and I often have this complaint about shows aired here in NZ. When someone writes into the paper to comment that the shows are cut short to accommodate ads, the powers that be insist that they haven't done anything, that is how they arrived from overseas. Yeah, right! Come on, we all know The Simpsons have an opening title that needs watching every time. So when re-running an episode, don't cut out the blackboard scene, or the couch scene. It's bloody obvious that something has been cut out.

And then there is the mega-obvious: when a line or quote makes no sense, because they've cut out an earlier reference to it. D'oh!

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@BazingaGirl: Both Channel 10 and 9 over here are notorious for cutting short episodes of both TBBT and The Simpsons.

It's stupid because all tv series are produced from the get-go to run at approx 21 minutes allowing 9 minutes of advertising.

I recently d/l The Beatles animated series and the episodes actually include the "insert ad here" slides. Each episode had 2 spots for ads. 2 spots !!!

Wow... I reckon they run with at least 10 spots now.

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